Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo shoot recap!

Last night, in a cold building in downtown Augusta, my friend David photographed a handful of my new pieces. With my friend Chrisi modeling, Sarah and I dressed her in my lingerie and Sarah's jewelry and accessories.

I took all these pictures with my SLR and no flash. I wasn't even going to consider using a flash since David had his light boxes and remote flashes set up. I wanted to take some "behind the scenes" shots when Sarah and I weren't dressing and undressing Chrisi. They're all quite grainy and some slightly blurry, can't really help it with 1/10 of a second shutter speed, some 1/4 of a second. According to David, I have a pretty steady hand. Ha.

Chrisi's tattoos set against the backdrop of a half tore down wall and very feminine, sexy lingerie was genius. She is so beautiful! And her body is perfect for my work. Just the right amount of curves. And it's a huge bonus that she is comfortable with her body to wear some of my sheer pieces. Can you believe this girl has a child?!

This two piece set was given to me by my friend Sarah. She believes it was her mother's, given to her on her wedding night but her mom never wore it. It was originally blue, and when I dyed it purple, only the fabric absorbed the dye, leaving the lace still bright sky blue. Quite reminiscent of a White Snake video, the underwear were cut really high. Changing the cut of them just a little bit, they're absolutely charming!

This piece is one of my favorites. Chrisi couldn't see any of what she was wearing, but some of the pieces she'd remark how great they felt, and I believe this one was her favorite. I originally made it for myself to keep, but it's just too pretty to keep. I have to share it. Er, sell it. Someone else should enjoy it.

It was probably 50 degrees in the building, and poor Chrisi was barefoot, sometimes kneeling down on the ground for jewelry and headband shots. And the ground was freezing. By the time we got to this piece she was visibly shivering. This piece, one of the first that I made (below), is one of my favorites. The lace bodice is completely see-through, except for little petal shaped pieces covering the nipples. Very sexy.

I can't wait to see David's photos! We all went to Bees Knees around the corner after the shoot for some Fireball shots to warm us up, Tapas food (the bruschetta was amazing), and a few celebratory cocktails. There is nothing better after a long day than a draught Guinness, poured correctly of course. I will kill someone if they mispour my Guinness. Ha.

This was all a pretty big deal for me. Professional photographer, model, a real shoot. I've been sewing for years and years, running my business for almost three, and I've never released a "line" of anything. I'm legit now I guess. It's only uphill from here.

I just put in my two week notice at the bridal shop where I am employed as a seamstress. Now I will be able to focus more on my work at home. Sew full-time again. I have four vintage wedding gowns I'm also reworking and repurposing. Plus more lingerie. Spring clothes. Dresses. The works.
All this lingerie will be up soon in my Etsy shop. Happy Monday!

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  1. I just want to take the time to say that I think you are doing a wonderfully, amazing job. There's is nothing like pursuing your passion. It is totally evident that God has blessed you with this ability to create. Don't let nothing or noone hinder you in pursuit of your destiny.
    Your passion and dedication is what's going to drive you all the way to the top. Sure, frstration and disappointments will come, but don't let them become roadblocks~ only stepping stones, better yet, ramps to your brighter future!
    You will be missed at David's....

    Blessings and peace!