Saturday, January 29, 2011

So proud.

My sister, Rachael, just sent me this picture to my cell phone of the new elastic band on her workout pants. She said "the awesomeness of my sewing ability, inspired by my sister Sally Ann." 
I explained to her over the phone how to replace the exhausted elastic in these pants she has had for years. They're her favorite and she was smart to fix the waist band rather than get new pants. She evenly spaced out the elastic and held the fabric taught while sewing. She did such a great job! I'm so proud!
Today has been very eventful. I was dying more slips purple with the help of my little Stella. Her favorite spot in my apartment is on the fleecy blanket on my couch in the living room absorbing the sunshine. My cats are so lazy.
I realized I needed more purple slips since the majority are pinks and fuchsias. I use Rit dye, three gallons of hot water in a five gallon bucket, and a 1" wood dowel to stir. Stir constantly for 30 minutes and rinse. It's so much fun. AND! I got to listen to my new Yo La Tengo on vinyl. 
Loving my Stella. Notice her pink little Softpaws.
She was a little interested in the contents of the bucket. But she hates water (especially baths), so as soon as she realized the bucket contained water, she fled. 
Tomorrow is the photoshoot, about 20 pieces! I'm so excited! Have a great Saturday night everyone.

Oh! And be sure to enter the giveaway over at Jennifhsieh. She's giving away an Orient watch to one of her readers. She's super cute, she won the dress I gave away for New Years.

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