Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Ludie's Vintage Clothing

Tuesday, my day off, I went to Riverfront Antique Mall to meet Annette, owner of Sweet Ludie's Vintage Clothing. Annette had set aside a ton of vintage slips for me for my line of repurposed lingerie. Sadly, the antique mall is closing, but lucky for me, most of the booths had amazing sales of 50 - 60% off all items.
All the slips, in amazing condition, that she gave to me. I also found some really fun hats, like the one below. Can't wait for spring to be able to wear them!
Annette was so kind, giving me about 60 slips since her shop is closing. It was nice to finally meet her. We've been in contact on Facebook for some time now. I first went to her shop early last year and bought an crazy 80s bathing suit that I cut down to my size and wore to Charleston last June.
I need to find occassions to wear some of the hats she gave me. I took home a total of four hats. Two very small headband style hats from the 60s I'll wear with cocktail dresses when it's a little warmer outside.
Even when I was shopping at Sweet Ludie's last year, I remember the charm of all of Annette's family photos throughout the store. This one is my favorite. Her aunts from the late 1940s, and also the picture of all of her tags.
I really wish I would've gotten this purse with the panther on it. It's amazing!
She also gave me this dress from the late 1950s. The fabric has a few snags at where the sleeves meet the bodice, so it needs some work. I think I'm going to cut it down to a short sleeved knee length dress, keeping the 50s charm. I adore the pockets!
Thank you so much, Annette! She was so kind to give me so many things from her shop! I've already dyed about half of what she gave me, just finishing a "teal" batch. Below is the before and after of one of the slips she gave me. It's hasn't yet been sewn, but it is beautiful already!

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  1. Just found your blog (from your comment on mine!) and I'm loving it! I will definitely head over here the next time I'm looking for sewing info/inspiration/tutorials. And you are so pretty, lady! Really love your hair.

  2. I knew you would put your amazing talent to work. The color is great on the slip. That late 50's dress is actually a 40's/early 50's dressing gown. Amazing fabric, yes? Can't wait to see more. Enjoy!

  3. haha no Ryan. I don't know how. Especially when my career is my passion and my hobby AND I work out of my house. 80 hour work weeks are a norm.

    Thanks Jessica! Glad you enjoy reading my blog. : )

    Thanks for the correction Annette. ha. oops. : ) The slips look amazing! Especially the blue ones you gave me, I dyed them fuchsia!

  4. Well, I'm glad you do what you love, I can't say that I do that!

    Make sure you give yourself a raise! :-P