Monday, February 7, 2011

Kaitlyn's Fashion Show

Last Thursday was Kaitlyn's "Freeze Time For Fashion" charity fashion show! It took place at the Marion Hatcher Center, right around the corner from my apartment. She has been my student since last October for those of you who are not familiar with her, and she is absolutely amazing
A senior in high school, she learned how to sew and created a line of clothing using only repurposed fabric right here in my apartment. We worked together at least once, sometimes three times, a week, sewing and sewing and sewing.
She showcased all of her creations at a charity fashion show, all proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association. 
Here are some pictures from the show. Thanks to Kaitlyn's friend, Camille, for the photos. I was told to enjoy myself and not to take pictures, so I did just that. Enjoy.
Kaitlyn looking beautiful as ever in a dress she repurposed from the thrift store. She wanted a one-shouldered dress, black, and lace. All by herself she removed one sleeve, restyled the bodice, and added a sash and bow in the back.
At the beginning of the show. Kaitlyn thanking me for all my help and for being her mentor. She said, "On our first day, I didn't even know how to thread a sewing machine."
My favorite model in a green dress Kaitlyn repurposed from a high-waisted skirt. This was the first piece she made with her new sewing machine. To see how she made it, click here.
A tank top with added shoulder details, applique flower, and a brown denim skirt with added lace, turquoise trim on the side, and new buttons. This model was super sweet. One of my favorites. 
A secretary looking outfit. See how Kaitlyn made it here.
A skirt made from the bottom of a linen dress, and a tank top with added applique. 
The first thing Kaitlyn and I ever made! Her first dress! Definitely a crowd favorite. 
A dress made from a long skirt. Kaitlyn hand sewed trim to the top and added a vintage belt.
My favorite model again (I didn't get any of the girls names). Wearing a skirt Kaitlyn made from a long, long skirt, added applique, and changed the buttons. The skirt has shoulder pads sewn on the outside of the shoulders, in mustard yellow polyester. Also matching applique to tie the shirt and skirt together. She had so much fun on the runway, and didn't take herself serious like most of the girls did. I love the next picture where she's whipping her hair.
A dress made from dying old tablecloths. See more here. The picture on the left is from dress rehearsal, with the dress sitting at the correct length. This model hiked the dress up a little too high for the actual show, right. High school girls these days, a little too sexual. 
Kaitlyn with some of the models after the show. The outfit on the far left Kaitlyn featured to show the crowd how she made it, discussing repurposed clothing so they understood the idea behind her line. See the blog entry and progression of making the outfit here. Also, the shorts the girl to the right of Kaitlyn were made from pants
Sarah, Jessica, myself, and Matt.
Kaitlyn and I. The shirt I'm wearing I made months ago! It's just two pieces of fabric, batwing sleeves, and the neckline has facing. It took me about twenty minutes or less to make but I hated how it looked on me then. What was I thinking? I wore it earlier that day with a polka dot belt and skinny jeans. It went great with my suede high-waisted skirt!
I'm definitely going to make more of these! A tutorial coming soon. It is so simple and so versitile.

For more photos from Kaitlyn's show, visit Camille's Facebook photo albums here.

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  1. Hard pressed to say who seems happier...teacher or student! Wonderful! Thank u for sharing this.

  2. Excellent job!! Kudos to you and Kaitlyn both! Now, when can I get that interview with you,and maybe Kaitlyn, too in the SMT chat room?!?!