Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My birthday celebration

I turned 26 this past weekend. My friends, Sarah and Jessica, had me thinking we were having a nice quiet dinner at Jessica's house with the three of us and my boyfriend. Little did I know, they all planned more. I saw Sarah cooking chicken and steak for the Greek pitas, and thought to myself, "that's a lot of food for just the four of us." Then out from Jessica's den came Ryan, Luke, Jason, and Reuben. Surprised again! They did the same thing last year. Tricky friends. I'm so gullible.

 Jessica, Luke, Jason, Matt and I. Enjoying wine after dinner.

 Jessica and I.

When everyone was about to sing happy birthday, and eat the delicious homemade white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, I got my sister on my iPhone with the application Tango. It allows you to video chat without "Facetime", so we didn't need a wireless signal. Seriously, the iPhone 4 is amazing.  I miss Rachael so much, with her living in Florida, and it brought her to the table on my birthday. ♥ ♥

Lovely Luke.

Reuben and his "nuclear freeze" concoction he's been anxious to share with us.


My birthday present from Matt, an amythst crystal in a bullet casing. He really surprised me and got me something I really wanted. I had randomly tweeted a few weeks back about wanting this necklace from Dinosaur Toes, via Red Velvet. I stumbled upon A Beautiful Mess, Elsie's blog, and found her shop from there. I was so surprised he got it for me after that little mention on Twitter. I'm glad he's my twitter friend haha. I can't stop wearing this necklace!

With Jessica. Before leaving her apartment.
And then we went down to Soul Bar... It was decorated for Valentine's Day. Paper hearts scattered all over the floors, heart shaped balloons, Chelsea and Joyce DJing, and Baz Lehrman's "Romeo & Juliet" playing on a projector. When we first got there, Sarah and I sat down on the side of the stage to watch the scene where they they see each other for the first time and have their first kiss. I love that movie. Leo was so young; Claire Danes too! I remember going to the movies when I was in 6th grade to see that movie. So long ago.

 Matt and I. Mmmmm. Strongbow.

 Sar and Ryan. Warming up the dance floor.

 Making a ridiculous face, and not realizing I was getting bunny ears by Reuben.

Sarah and Rebecca. I love all the rose pedals on the dance floor.

Spilling things all over Ryan.

Trading shoes with Rebecca. Finally a friend that's my size. We were both very excited about it.

My friends are so amazing. I love Augusta! Now it's back to normal life. I'm officially in my late 20s. I have so much work to do, and need to kick myself when I procrastinate and get distracted. My attention span is terrible and I am so easily distracted. Example: I've been writing blog entry for about an hour, getting side tracked with reading random blogs and playing in photoshop. 
I need to lock myself in my sewing room and sew, sew, sew! Or photograph the twenty or so placemat pouches I made this weekend and list them in my Etsy shop. It's a little bare, with only 55 items for sale. Slacker Sally needs to work!

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  1. Awe I miss you too Sal :) I miss Augusta and Soul Bar and everything there!!!
    OH and I just looked at last years blog entry about your birthday.
    1. Why did you post a picture of me eating cake?
    2. What was I doing with fake nails on my hands?
    3. I still think it's awesome it snowed on your bday and those ducks are creepy. AND look how long your hair is now!