Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thrifting with Ryan

Oh, how I love my Saturdays! This past weekend, my friend Ryan took a trip up to Aiken, South Carolina, to do some thrifting. I found a ton of high-waisted jeans, baggy tops, a couch, some home decor to fill up my apartment, as if I don't have enough junk already ha. 

My fantastic new couch. Only $30. The color is terrible, but the wood frame is very well constructed, and really sturdy. Straight from the 1960s, I fell in love with the sharp lines of the couch immediately. It's going to be my first serious reupholstering job. It will be a lot of work, stripping it down to the frame and rebuilding the couch, but well worth it. I'm hoping I can get the job done with about $200 or less. I figure all new foam, padding, muslin, new fabrics (or if I can find a huge roll of upholstery fabric that is vintage, even better), cord, zippers, and possibly restraining the wood will cost around that much. I'm going to use recycled things where possible.

A polo shirt Ryan and I are going to cut down to his size soon.

Burgundy high waisted jeans. $3.99. Just above the ankle and super soft! My new favorite jeans.

Vintage OHIO sweatshirt.

 Awesome 80s sweater. So cozy. $2.99. Ryan picked this out for me. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite thrifting partners. Watch out Sarah and Rachael.

 Ryan found this awesome Polo pullover from the 80s. Looked amazing on him.

 Our cart. Notice the jean vest hanging on the end of the cart. Fabulous!

 Only $50 spent at Salvo, including my couch, jeans, a skirt, four tops, a sweater and more!

Ryan really wanted this Tim McGraw holiday bear that sang. I told him, no.

An 80s snap shirt. Reminds me of Arizona. I love snap shirts. I'm going to make this short sleeved and wear it with high-waisted denim skirts. Can't wait!

And only $20 spent at Goodwill. Lots of fabric, placemats for cosmetic bags, five shirts, and more.

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  1. Looks like an AMAZING thrifting adventure. Your new inexpensive couch is gorgeous, I love the sharp lines, too. But unlike you, I like the fun 60s color the way it is. :)