Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarah's lace shirt

Sarah recently bought this amazing shirt while thrifting in Columbia. It was only $1. A white lace shirt, long-sleeved, with sweatshirt-style neckline, waistband, and arms. We decided to share it and change it a little.
Before: that neckline definitely needed to go. Look at that fabric, so much potential! 
Sarah is one that always matches. Her earring match her braclet (both that she made earlier that day, so talented) which matches her tank top. Me, on the other hand, I tend to put things together that don't match at all but still work. When I tried this top on, it was with a tube top that was blue with yellow polka dots, slate grey skinny jeans, grey boots, and my hair down and messy. I love the sheer lace of this top. It would work with so many different looks.
To alter this shirt, I simple cut off the sleeves to the desired length. I also cut the neckline out, making it a little deeper in the front and back. Using cream colored double-folded bias tape, I simply sewed it on the raw edges. Voila! In ten minutes: a new shirt! 
Questions? Comments!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crocheted headphones

My next side project: Crocheted bow headphones.
I think this would be so fun to have! I won't spend $40 on these since I already have a few pairs of small headphones. Instead, I'll just go buy some decent headphones (I don't have any on a headband) and a skein of yarn and go nuts when I'm watching a movie. I'm a self taught crocheter, and I can't read patterns, but if I look at something I can usually figure out how to make it. This doesn't look too hard to do.
My budget: $20. Half the cost of these shown above. I can't wait!

Friday, March 25, 2011

For the love of running

One of my totes has been featured in this treasury: For the Love of Running.
What a great theme for a treasury. I'm trying to get back into shape, running at the gym, biking, learning how to use the machines. Moving to the south and eating southern food has not been good for my waistline. I've probably gained ten pounds since I've moved here.
I'll be on the river and beach in no time. I need to get my bathing suit body back! Goodness, I'll be on the beach next weekend when I visit Rachael in Pensacola. I'm hitting the gym tomorrow morning, first thing.
My runner tote was included; it's only $25 on my Etsy page. I made it from a t-shirt my mom bought me at a thrift store in Michigan. I also used a thrifted J. Crew belt and recycled fleece cotton.
My favorite item from this treasury: a motivational runner card (above).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY: How to make a suitcase cat bed

I've seen suitcase cat beds on Etsy for years now, and I've always wanted one. They are a little pricey, however, and I never buy something like this that I can make at home. Another project to tackle? I think so!

My friend, Sarah, and I went to the flea market last week, and I bought this blue suitcase for $7! With a quick trip to home depot and the craft store, and with a few power tools, you can have one of these of your own! Here is a simple, cheap tutorial so you can make your very own cat bed. And since you're only using half of the suitcase, you might as well make two, because everyone with a cat knows someone else with a cat! And what a great surprise gift for a friend.

You will need: 
  • a suitcase
  • 4 or 8 legs, about $2 each at Home Depot
  • 4 or 8 heavy duty top plates, to attach the legs to the suitcase, $2 each
  • 20 or 40 machines screws with bolts
  • acrylic paint or spray paint
  • a dremel with a grinding tool attachment
  • safety goggles
  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • permanent marker
  • ruler
  • fabric and stuffing (or a pillow to fit in the suitcase)
  • sewing machine
  • ***the differing numbers depends on if you are making one or two cat beds

Put on your safety goggles, sparks can be dangerous. Using a dremel you will break the hinges. See the picture below for an idea of where to cut. Since this suitcase was Samsonite and over 50 years old, there was no breaking of that pin holding the hinges together. Samsonites don't break ha. I spent about twenty minutes with a chisel and hammer, no luck.

You now have two separate pieces. I left the straps on the left piece but removed the polyester divider on the right piece (it was attached with small screws). It could have been left intact but this suitcase wasn't in  the best condition. Then, I cleaned both pieces very well.

Once you have all your supplies gathered and you return from Home Depot, you can start with painting the legs. I bought these 6 inch legs for about $2 each. Home Depot has an assortment of heights and styles, but these were the cheapest and I liked the looks of them. I opted for light blue paint at Hobby Lobby. 

Clementine sat at my side crying for attention the entire time I was painting the legs.

Open all top plates and place them on the back side of the suitcase. Use a ruler to make sure they are in the right place. I kept 3 inches between each piece (front to back) and butted them up against the trim.

Mark the holes with a permanent marker. 

Using a drill slightly smaller than your screws, drill all the holes. Be sure you go all the way through! You will need to get the screw through the liner to attach the nuts. 

The plates come with standard screws, but you can't use them because the suitcase is hollow. They'll poke through and put holes in the pillow or hurt your kitty's paws. This is why you need the nuts and bolts. Use a wrench and screwdriver to tighten them down all the way.

Attach your legs. Be sure they're dry!

Make a pillow big enough to fit in the bed. I used fabric that was covered in cat hair, so I knew one of them had already liked it and would think it was comfortable. And voila! CAT BED! I had to put Clementine in it and she was a little unsure at first. It took her a minute and she laid down.

She was getting very sick of me taking her picture, but I think it will be used. 
The key: place it in sunshine! 

Questions? Comments?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rest In Peace Elizabeth Taylor

I just heard the news about twenty minutes ago that Elizabeth Taylor, 79, has passed away.
Such an amazing icon for beauty and glamour; she will be missed. 
On the set of "Giant". 1955.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Smiling Clementine

I have the prettiest cat in the whole wide world. 
Clem is even smiling she is so happy to be in the sunshine. 
I absolutely love this picture of her. 

Enjoy your day everyone! I'm off to the store to buy legs for my suitcase cat bed!

And check out this amazing giveaway on The Dainty Squid.
Lomoraphy is giving away this camera to one of her readers. Click here to see enter.
I really want the "Diana En Rose" camera (below).

Sunday, March 20, 2011

His Store -- Thrifting in South Carolina

This weekend, my friend, Sarah, and I drove an hour northeast to Columbia, South Carolina for thrifting and fun. What a great idea it was! We struck gold at thrift stores. GOLD! 
The stores here in Augusta are great, but we wanted to find some new secret spots. I frequent Salvation Army in Augusta so frequently, that last week the manager called me one of his "important customers" when a new cashier was ringing up my items. I think I may shop there too much.
I couldn't believe the prices at the thrift stores in Columbia! This was the best place we went to: His Store. A Christian thrift store that is a chain in South Carolina, where ALL clothes are $1! I got a garbage bag FULL of clothes, a few wall hangings, some vintage dishes, 4 or 5 belts, and a leather fanny pack, all for $23! Most of the clothes I purchased were high waisted denim or linen shorts. My most favorite thing ever!
We also went to the flea market right off the highway. Mostly crap and junk no one needs, but we found a few good things. A few cat figurines, handmade soap, vintage earrings. I bought this middle suitcase for $7; Sarah bought the hat case for $5. This set was a gift to the booth owner's mother when she graduated high school and went to Europe. Her airline tag was still on the larger suitcase.
They were in rough shape, and regardless of their history, they weren't worth the asking price, so I haggled. But the color is fantastic! 
I'm going to turn this suitcase into a cat bed! I'll photograph the whole thing and put up a tutorial on it. I've seen so many of these on Etsy but can't afford, or rationalize, $50+ on a cat bed that I can make myself.
After a few hours of walking around in the hot sun and picking through piles of clothes, we needed lunch! We drove to downtown Columbia to find a local restaurant. Columbia is a college town, where the University of South Carolina is located, and it's such a cute little city on the river! My first time here was back in January when Matt and I went to the World Beer Festival
This little restaurant we went to was a few blocks from the convention center where the beer festival was held. This building across from the patio at the restaurant was amazing! This old railroad car said "Southern gives a green light to innovations" and "Southern serves the south". The railroad track stopped on the left side of the car and grass starts. After lunch we went up the hill and snapped a few pictures.
The bright sun makes me look so pale! I know I don't have much color yet, but geez. No amount of photo editing in Photoshop can make me look like I'm not white. And you can't even see my shoes, which are rose petal pink. I swear I don't have webbed duck feet haha! We couldn't believe it was in the 80s; it's going to be a brutal summer if it's this hot already.
 Hat: Plato's closet, $5. Skirt: $1, thrifted and repurposed (shortened 8")
Belt: Goodwill, $1. Tank top: Plato's closet, $3. Shoes: Gap City Flats, $35
I was considering climbing the ladder, but Sarah told me no. And I probably would have fallen and broken my tail bone. I'm the most ungraceful, clumsy person! We probably weren't supposed to be close to the railcar since it's a historical landmark, but there were no signs so I'm sure we were fine.
We filled up Sarah's little Scion, completely full! I even found my boyfriend a coffee table for his new apartment for only $15! What a successful trip. I think we're going to make it a monthly thing, thrifting in Columbia. We spotted about 5 more thrift stores to check out. 
Now to pick out a few pairs of shorts to send Rachael in Florida, because she called "dibs" on my thrifted finds. That's what I get for texting her and bragging about $1 and $.50 clothing. She knows she'll get some.
Time to hem about 10 pairs of pants for Augusta National. The Masters is a few weeks away, and I'm taking on some staff uniforms for extra cash. They called me on Saturday, and they need the pants by Monday at noon. Talk about short notice. Thank goodness it's just a hem.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My pink living room!

While shopping at Walmart the other day, I got it in my head it was finally time to buy paint for my living room. I had a revelation the other day when I finally removed my computer desk and put it in my dining area, PINK PAINT! I was torn between "cotton candy pink" and "from the heart" on the above Better Home and Gardens paint guide.
While most people would take this home and compare it with furniture, I did not. I'm way too impulsive. I walked around and did the rest of my shopping, returning to the paint department before leaving. I couldn't leave without paint! And at only $15/gallon, it was so much cheaper than I thought it would be.
When my parents split up and I was about 8 years old, my mother would paint people's houses as a part-time job. My sister and I would tag along, taping off edges, painting windows, etc. We'd get a few dollars for helping sometimes, but it wasn't really work to me, it was so fun! My mom really taught us how to paint really well. So I definitely learned from the best. 
There's something inherent in women that, I think, makes us such better painters than men. Maybe it's the attention to detail and meticulous mature we have. Men, in my experience, are too heavy with the rollers, don't know how to keep a wet edge, get paint on everything, and never put enough paint on the roller. So generally, they're terrible at painting! Now I'm sure there are some men out there that paint well, like my dad ha, but most should leave it to us women.
After only 4 hours of painting the room by myself the room was finished. I painted late Tuesday night after work and early Wednesday morning. I didn't even tape off any edges; I hate painter's tape! Such a waste of time. And if it doesn't stick to the wall, and it never does 100% of the time, you get paint on the trim and it's dry before you notice!
I love the natural light of this room that faces the front of my house. There's a beautiful old live oak tree that allows the cats to watch squirrels and cackle at birds all day. The downside of that live oak though, palmetto bugs. Bugs that are up to two inches long, sometimes bigger! They sneak my apartment during the warmer months, just to hang out and walk along the ceilings, then they go back outside. My house is so old, probably built in the 1920s, so the caulk in the window panes let's them sneak past.
Btw, that Yo La Tango album, "Popular Songs", propped up again my crate of records is all I've been listening to on vinyl lately. Ira signed it when I went to the show back in January! Such a great album.
The color goes so well with my couch! My boyfriend was over last night and said it looked like "pepto-pink", but I think it's darling. I originally planned on painting this room a rose petal pink. That just seemed too dark and I think it would have darkened the room. This color makes it so lively and feminine!
When I first moved in, my friend, Jason, and I painted my bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom a spearmint green, and my bedroom a tigers-eye gold. Both rooms, like this, have the wainscotting, paneling applied to the lower 3-5 feet of the wall, so the painting surface area is almost cut in half. I painted all three large rooms with one gallon of paint in each room
It's crazy the difference that a few coats of paint can make on a room. My mantle at Christmas, left, and now, right. The mantle and fireplace become a focal point of the room now. Before, with all white walls, it just blended in with the room.
Even the cats love it! In all reality, I don't think they noticed aside from the lingering smell of latex paint the past few days. They just want their sunshine.
For those of you that are bored with white walls, consider a few coats of paint to brighten a room. It is worth the money and labor! Questions? Comments!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day in Downtown Augusta

Yesterday was nuts! One of the busiest days of the year in Downtown Augusta, Georgia. I bartend at a bar on Broad Street, the main street downtown. I normally only work happy hour (a bartender's dream shift since I'm out of work at 8:30 PM every weekday), but yesterday I had to work from 1-7 PM. Lots of draft beer and Irish Car Bombs.

The picture above is my friend, Traye, and I. After work my feet hurt so bad. He gave me a piggy back ride on the way to Sky City with a group of our friends. I forgot that one is supposed to wear green on St. Patty's Day. But I managed to snag a hat and some beads throughout my shift. Shortly after we got to Sky City, I gave the hat to my friend, Abbey. I should have saved it for Clem. She would have loved it!
Here are a few borrowed pictures from the Annual St. Patty's Day parade. Spring was in full swing in downtown. It was such a beautiful day! Enjoy:::

A high school marching band. The South has so much more soul in their marching bands! While my high school won state competitions every year, these kids are so much more fun to watch! Photo source.

And the color guard girls have such fun costumes! Photo source.

A local priest. Photo source.

The Mayor of Augusta. Photo source.

The Army band. Augusta is a huge military town with Fort Gordon here. Photo source.

The police keeping order. Photo source.

Gotta have bagpipes on St. Patty's Day! Photo source.

 I wish I was having as much fun as this lady looks like she's having! Photo source.

I love that all the fountains were dyed green. It reminds me of St. Patty's Day in Chicago when they dye the river green! Photo source.

I couldn't find a picture of the big fountain anywhere online so I snapped this picture this afternoon on my way to lunch with a friend. The fountain at 8th street is awesome. I really want to take some pictures down here with my new clothes. Downtown is so pretty!