Thursday, March 17, 2011

Calm Comfortable Delightful Innocent

My Sound of Music Dress is featured in this treasury: Calm Comfortable Delightful Innocent
I made this dress last June, it's been in my shop for a while! Here is the original post and tutorial. And the dress before the reconstruction:
Rachael, my sister, and I went to this beautiful old building down the street from my house to have the photo shoot. We photographed myself in this dress and Rachael in a red dress I remade for her
She was so picky about the photos I took of her that she didn't let me post them until August when we finally stopped fighting about it. She wrote down the JPGs that I could use. It is pretty funny in hindsight, but we went back and fourth for a while about it. Since she's in the Navy and the guys in her shop would read my blog, she didn't want too racy of photos of her posted online. Plus she isn't a big fan of me taking her picture. Apparently I'm too bossy haha. Oh sisters.
Touching a rusty chair and getting my hands dirty.
Acting like I'm cool in sunglasses.
Flipping that thick, long hair. P.S. Rach-- I want these shoes back!
I tried climbing a nearby tree before getting on this wall and I scratched my hands up really bad. The wind starting blowing like crazy as soon as I jumped up on this wall though. And then the wind picked up my dress and Rachael got a few underwear shots (can't show you those silly ones). My face is priceless in those pictures. Luckily my hard drive is well guarded ha.
Photobooth fun before the shoot.
Looking at all these photos makes me really miss Rachael. She's too far away in Pensacola, Florida. I wish Pensacola was an hour drive, but no, it's eight. It's unbelievably hard living in a place without family. I miss my family everyday. I can't wait to go back to Michigan soon. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for about a week. My parents are so excited!

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