Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dying lingerie with Rachael

I'm so glad my sister, Rachael, visited me the weekend before last! She came up for about four days, taking leave between the classes she teaches. The four days just flew by! We tore up the town, danced like crazy, went shopping, spent way too much money, had a photo shoot at Stella Salon, and had our Sunday night cocktails at Bees Knees.
Rachael left on Monday (I cried like a baby when she left of course), but Monday afternoon we had a little crafting time. She photographed my recent skirt tutorial. Then it was time to dye some lingerie. Rachael's favorite color is green. With "kelly green" fabric dye by Rit, Rachael picked out an undyed vintage slip and a bed jacket to dye. 
Before: not too interesting. The bed jacket is a baby blue and only matched the slip in the style of lace it was made with. Rachael loved them! 
Getting out my 5 gallon dye bucket, Rachael filled it with 3 gallons of hot water, added the powder dye, and slowly added all the fabric to dye. Since she only had a few things to throw in there, we added a handful of undyed slips from my massive collection of donated and thrifted pieces. I always try to get an assortment of styles and sizes in each batch so I don't end up with 5 of the same size that all have the same neckline and lace.
Stir for 30 minutes. Constant agitation. Also, it there are any ties on the fabric you are dying, be sure to untie them, or that part of the fabric will not absorb dye.
After: both pieces match! Beautiful kelly green! Neither piece needed to be sewn. They fit Rachael perfectly.
She was very happy with her new lingerie set!
Next time, I'll have to make a trip down to Pensacola to visit Rachael. Lay on the beach for a few days, visit all the amazing thrift stores, etc. Rachael and I always joke that it's so good to thrift there because a ton of hoarding cat ladies go to Florida and die there. Not very nice, but pretty funny if you ask me.
Rachael is opening a vintage Etsy store soon. I'm so excited for her. It'll be a good excuse to thrift more, right? Ha. Then she's not technically hoarding things, it's work. 
I'm off to lock myself in my sewing room until it's time to work at Stillwater at 4pm. Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Rachael looks so excited lol

  2. She hates my picture taking ha

  3. Haha I always look angry when she's taking my pictures because I am!
    She is always yelling at me to smile normal and I smile and she says, "No that's your fake smile. Smile your real smile." And I respond with shut up and take the picture.. lol it goes on for a while.

  4. Oh, and sadly you still get along a lot better than me and my twin brother.... haha :)

  5. Oh Rachael. waa waa waaaaa. hahahaha