Sunday, March 20, 2011

His Store -- Thrifting in South Carolina

This weekend, my friend, Sarah, and I drove an hour northeast to Columbia, South Carolina for thrifting and fun. What a great idea it was! We struck gold at thrift stores. GOLD! 
The stores here in Augusta are great, but we wanted to find some new secret spots. I frequent Salvation Army in Augusta so frequently, that last week the manager called me one of his "important customers" when a new cashier was ringing up my items. I think I may shop there too much.
I couldn't believe the prices at the thrift stores in Columbia! This was the best place we went to: His Store. A Christian thrift store that is a chain in South Carolina, where ALL clothes are $1! I got a garbage bag FULL of clothes, a few wall hangings, some vintage dishes, 4 or 5 belts, and a leather fanny pack, all for $23! Most of the clothes I purchased were high waisted denim or linen shorts. My most favorite thing ever!
We also went to the flea market right off the highway. Mostly crap and junk no one needs, but we found a few good things. A few cat figurines, handmade soap, vintage earrings. I bought this middle suitcase for $7; Sarah bought the hat case for $5. This set was a gift to the booth owner's mother when she graduated high school and went to Europe. Her airline tag was still on the larger suitcase.
They were in rough shape, and regardless of their history, they weren't worth the asking price, so I haggled. But the color is fantastic! 
I'm going to turn this suitcase into a cat bed! I'll photograph the whole thing and put up a tutorial on it. I've seen so many of these on Etsy but can't afford, or rationalize, $50+ on a cat bed that I can make myself.
After a few hours of walking around in the hot sun and picking through piles of clothes, we needed lunch! We drove to downtown Columbia to find a local restaurant. Columbia is a college town, where the University of South Carolina is located, and it's such a cute little city on the river! My first time here was back in January when Matt and I went to the World Beer Festival
This little restaurant we went to was a few blocks from the convention center where the beer festival was held. This building across from the patio at the restaurant was amazing! This old railroad car said "Southern gives a green light to innovations" and "Southern serves the south". The railroad track stopped on the left side of the car and grass starts. After lunch we went up the hill and snapped a few pictures.
The bright sun makes me look so pale! I know I don't have much color yet, but geez. No amount of photo editing in Photoshop can make me look like I'm not white. And you can't even see my shoes, which are rose petal pink. I swear I don't have webbed duck feet haha! We couldn't believe it was in the 80s; it's going to be a brutal summer if it's this hot already.
 Hat: Plato's closet, $5. Skirt: $1, thrifted and repurposed (shortened 8")
Belt: Goodwill, $1. Tank top: Plato's closet, $3. Shoes: Gap City Flats, $35
I was considering climbing the ladder, but Sarah told me no. And I probably would have fallen and broken my tail bone. I'm the most ungraceful, clumsy person! We probably weren't supposed to be close to the railcar since it's a historical landmark, but there were no signs so I'm sure we were fine.
We filled up Sarah's little Scion, completely full! I even found my boyfriend a coffee table for his new apartment for only $15! What a successful trip. I think we're going to make it a monthly thing, thrifting in Columbia. We spotted about 5 more thrift stores to check out. 
Now to pick out a few pairs of shorts to send Rachael in Florida, because she called "dibs" on my thrifted finds. That's what I get for texting her and bragging about $1 and $.50 clothing. She knows she'll get some.
Time to hem about 10 pairs of pants for Augusta National. The Masters is a few weeks away, and I'm taking on some staff uniforms for extra cash. They called me on Saturday, and they need the pants by Monday at noon. Talk about short notice. Thank goodness it's just a hem.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Sunday!

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  1. I had seen a tutorial on how to make pet beds out of old vintage suitcases before. I LOVE OLD LUGGAGE!!! anyway i picked one up for $0.50! I can't wait to make one and to see yours! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Just finished it yesterday. Will post the tutorial today!!!