Thursday, March 10, 2011

Repurposed bathing suit for Betsy

My friend, Betsy, along with a bunch of my friends from college are all going to Vegas next week. We all went last year and had a fantastic time! We went during the Sweet 16 (college basketball), and Michigan State (my college), ended up making it to the final two teams! I'm a little sad I won't be going this year, but when Betsy asked me if I had any recommendations for a suit for the trip, and I told her I had just the thing! 
I repurposed this bathing suit for her! It's a hot pink one-piece from the 80s. Betsy and I both rocked our one-piece suits last year. I love love love one-piece suits! So much classier sitting poolside in Vegas, sipping on mojitosm wearing a fabulous one-piece, versus most of the women with silicone, chugging beer and wearing dental floss. I simply added a giant bow to the lower back. The bow that I made was  constructed using navy blue polka dot material from a vintage dress. I stiffened it with interfacing, and then I hand sewed it onto the suit.
I'll be in Vegas in spirit when Betsy wears this amazing suit! I can't wait to see how it looks on her. I'm mailing it to her in Washington state this afternoon! (don't mind my messy bathroom) And Betsy, if you don't like this suit -- send it back to me, haha. I love it!

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