Friday, March 4, 2011

Repurposing a wedding dress

Since I'm crazy and have to take on a thousand projects at once, I decided to finally get started on my first bridal gown reconstruction. I bought this gown for about $15 at a local thrift store that was closing in downtown Augusta. It has absolutely no signs of wear and tear, and I don't think it was ever even worn. An amazing thrift store find.
But. I'm having a little trouble figuring out what exactly I want to do to this dress. 
The negative attributes of this gown: 
  • It's too long.
  • The sleeves are too long, out of date.
  • The waistline is too low, very 80s.
  • There is no bustle. 
The very positive sides of this gown:
  • It is like new. But vintage of course.
  • All the pearl beading is perfectly in tact.
  • The deep V in the back. Very sexy and feminine.
  • A lot of potential in the long train, a very unique bustle could be sewn.
  • The sleeves are unique, not many gowns made today have sleeves.
  • It's a beautiful ivory color, bright white gowns are an eye sore!

I will most likely do the following in this reconstruction:
  • Raise the waistline to the natural waist, keeping all the pleats and "V" in the front.
  • Make the gown knee length but fade into the train's full length. Fun and sassy for an outdoor spring/summer wedding.
  • Shorten the sleeves. Maybe 3/4 or short. I hate cap sleeves!
  • Keep the train but bustle it in a way that it compliments the gown. 
Any ideas or suggestions? I'd love to hear from you all and what you think would make this gown fresh and fashionable again. 

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  1. I honestly think the gown is still beautiful the way it is. :)
    However, if you just had to do something to it. I would maybe take te fullness out of the skirt~ make it an a-line, t-length gown, and cut the train off completely. This gown looks like a style for the more mature bride tht doesn't like a lot of froo-froo ( if that's even the way you spell that, LOL!)
    another thought,make the skirt sraight with a split in the back and make a detacheable train. Still keeping the more mature bride in mind....


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