Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day in Downtown Augusta

Yesterday was nuts! One of the busiest days of the year in Downtown Augusta, Georgia. I bartend at a bar on Broad Street, the main street downtown. I normally only work happy hour (a bartender's dream shift since I'm out of work at 8:30 PM every weekday), but yesterday I had to work from 1-7 PM. Lots of draft beer and Irish Car Bombs.

The picture above is my friend, Traye, and I. After work my feet hurt so bad. He gave me a piggy back ride on the way to Sky City with a group of our friends. I forgot that one is supposed to wear green on St. Patty's Day. But I managed to snag a hat and some beads throughout my shift. Shortly after we got to Sky City, I gave the hat to my friend, Abbey. I should have saved it for Clem. She would have loved it!
Here are a few borrowed pictures from the Annual St. Patty's Day parade. Spring was in full swing in downtown. It was such a beautiful day! Enjoy:::

A high school marching band. The South has so much more soul in their marching bands! While my high school won state competitions every year, these kids are so much more fun to watch! Photo source.

And the color guard girls have such fun costumes! Photo source.

A local priest. Photo source.

The Mayor of Augusta. Photo source.

The Army band. Augusta is a huge military town with Fort Gordon here. Photo source.

The police keeping order. Photo source.

Gotta have bagpipes on St. Patty's Day! Photo source.

 I wish I was having as much fun as this lady looks like she's having! Photo source.

I love that all the fountains were dyed green. It reminds me of St. Patty's Day in Chicago when they dye the river green! Photo source.

I couldn't find a picture of the big fountain anywhere online so I snapped this picture this afternoon on my way to lunch with a friend. The fountain at 8th street is awesome. I really want to take some pictures down here with my new clothes. Downtown is so pretty!

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