Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarah's lace shirt

Sarah recently bought this amazing shirt while thrifting in Columbia. It was only $1. A white lace shirt, long-sleeved, with sweatshirt-style neckline, waistband, and arms. We decided to share it and change it a little.
Before: that neckline definitely needed to go. Look at that fabric, so much potential! 
Sarah is one that always matches. Her earring match her braclet (both that she made earlier that day, so talented) which matches her tank top. Me, on the other hand, I tend to put things together that don't match at all but still work. When I tried this top on, it was with a tube top that was blue with yellow polka dots, slate grey skinny jeans, grey boots, and my hair down and messy. I love the sheer lace of this top. It would work with so many different looks.
To alter this shirt, I simple cut off the sleeves to the desired length. I also cut the neckline out, making it a little deeper in the front and back. Using cream colored double-folded bias tape, I simply sewed it on the raw edges. Voila! In ten minutes: a new shirt! 
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1 comment:

  1. Lucky you to find Such a top!

    Love lace for everyday!