Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sexy Spring Glamour Treasury

I'm featured in this treasury: Sexy Spring Glamour.
My Little Miss Sunshine lingerie is featured above.
The best part about being featured treasuries is the other sellers that are featured in it. I don't spend much time on Etsy other than to list my items or to look at my shops I already have marked as favorites. With over 300,000 sellers, it's hard to find good things on Etsy sometimes, unless you really look.
I just found this awesome soap shop, Aniselle Bath & Body. A handmade soap shop made by a woman named Anne-Marie. She was once a competitive ballroom dancer and instructor and began making her own bath and body products to meet the needs of her sensitive skin. Her business began there, when friends and colleagues were requesting her body creams and scented soaps. Plus the soap bars are beautiful
This bar (above) is my favorite: Celtic Moonsprice Organic Olive Oil and Oatmeal. I have no idea how soap is made, but I can't believe this amazing attention to detail, color, and composition, on top of being organic when possible, and probably smelling fantastic. I think I need to order a handful of her soaps.
This is another favorite. I'm about to buy it on Etsy. Misbehavin' Olive Oil Soap.

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