Monday, April 25, 2011

$1 dress!

While shopping in Columbia on Saturday, I found so many awesome summer clothes and other clothes to repurpose for summer. It's already reaching the mid-80s during the day and staying in the 60s and 70s at night, so it's time to start wearing summer dresses, yay! One of my favorite finds of the day was this J. Crew dress, a size 6, only $1.00!
Dress: J. Crew, thrifted, $1. Shoes: vintage.
Belt: thrifted, vintage, $1. Necklace: Dinosaur Toes.
Sarah and I, after thrifting all day, had a little bit of relaxing at my place before hitting the downtown for a few cocktails. We never go out on weekends just the two of us, so we decided it was a night for heels and getting all dolled up. I'm more of a high-waisted shorts and tank top girl when I go to the bar. I'm retiring all my jeans unless they're worn for work or it's cold.
At Metro. I love Instagram!
With our friend Reuben. There was a really fun band playing 80s and 90s music at Metro. We danced a little and called it an early night since Easter was the next morning. A great night with friends.

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  1. You look amazing, Sally Ann! You are living proof that you can be sexy, stylish, and savvy! Were you telling everyone that you scored that dress for a $1 or was it your dirty little secret? hehe I would want to shout it from the rooftops! The dress is a classic and what a fun night for you and Sarah -- I wish I had a thrifting friend that I could get cocktails with! Cheers to a good Saturday night :)

  2. Thanks!! I definitely told everyone that complimented me I got it for ONLY $1. haha. : )
    Someone had altered it a little bit so it was a little work taking out their poorly sewn hems, and I just noticed from looking at the pictures that the lining is hanging low, but for $1, I can't complain. and J. Crew!! Nuts!
    I wish you had a thrifting friend too!!! It's soooo much fun.