Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can you go a day without shoes?

Today, TOMS shoes is raising awareness for those that do not even own one pair of shoes. People all across America are going without shoes today! Can you go an entire day without?
I've been wanting a pair of TOMS shoes for a long time, and today I finally purchased my first pair (Black Stone-Washed Twill Classics)
I remember the first time I'd heard about the company, I was listening to NPR. The founder, Blake Mycoskie, was inspired to create this philanthropic company when he visited Argentina and saw children without shoes. He wanted to start a company that would give away a pair of shoes tomorrow for a pair purchased today. Shortened to TOMS shoes, they have provided over one million pairs of shoes to children in need! It's incredible.
Unfortunately, I can not fully participate in the day without shoes today, as it is against health code to not wear shoes where I work, but I am participating in spirit!
Are you going the entire day without shoes!?

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