Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY: How to make an apron from an old pillowcase

New sewing room meant time for a new apron! This tutorial will show you how to take a pillowcase and a belt to create the perfect sewing apron. I modeled it after an apron I bought at a craft show year ago. It has three front pockets and ties in back. Check it out. It takes less than an hour!
You will need a pillowcase and something to use for the tie. 
I chose a pillowcase with a fun pattern to work in to the pockets. Also, I found a braided belt lying around. I love the woven rope and the texture. You can use anything (like a men's tie, ribbon, a cloth belt, or even make a long strip of fabric, folded and sewn) as long as it is about 40-50" long.
 Rough sketch of apron.
Cut out these four pieces.
Sew together the two 6" wide pieces along one edge, good sides together. Press and top stitch. This will be the edge of your pocket, so by top stitching, it gives the pockets a crisper edge.
Lay down one large piece. Lining up the bottom edge (or in my case, the geometric pattern that is printed on the fabric), pin the pocket piece down. Next, cut your tie in half, and pin to the large piece, about 1" above the edge of the pocket. Be sure to check that they are symmetrical.
If you are using a woven belt, like I did, be sure to stitch over the edges of the belt before you cut it in half or it will unravel! You don't want that. Simple fold the belt in half, mark the middle with a pin, and stitch back a fourth a few times on either side of this mark. Then when it is cut in half it will not fray.
Pin the other large piece down, good side down. Sew along the two side seams, then sew the bottom edge. Be sure you don't catch the strap in any of these seams. Remove all pins! 
 Clip the two corners.
Turn right side out. Fold the raw edges of the top of the apron in, and pin. Sew.
After sewing the top closed, top stitch along all the edges. Be sure to go back and fourth over the straps to make sure they are nice and strong. This will reinforce them and your apron will be nice and strong!
Last step: sew dividers for the pockets. I chose to have three pockets (white lines depict where to top stitch pockets down), but you can have less or more. Maybe even a 1" wide pocket on far side for pencils, markets, rulers, etc. However you'd like it.
Voila! New apron! Have some fun with it and express yourself in the apron you make. 
Use some crazy fabric, play with color combos for the tie!
Questions? Comments!
Be sure to email me photos of your versions of this! 
I'd love to see what you all are sewing!

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