Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy Review: ProChoice Hanger Necklace

I first saw this striking necklace on a girl at the bar. I liked it because it was a hanger and I thought, oh, that's perfect for me since I make clothes. Then I got to talking with the girl, Ashley, she told me that she got it on Etsy and it was for Planned Parenthood, supporting the prochoice movement. Even better! It symbolizes the horrors of the struggle for prochoice, the struggle to gain the right to have a choice, and access to abortion services.

While I don't really like politics or pushing my views on other people, that is not what my blog is about, I'll just say that I am prochoice and leave it at that. Also, religion and abortion issues aside, women need access to birth control and family planning assistance. Planned Parenthood provides many services other than abortions, 97% of their their funds, actually. This necklace supports Planned Parenthood, a great organization that helps women! Women that cannot afford health care, birth control, education on their pregnancy, etc.

$10 from every necklace sold on Sweet Sulka's Etsy page goes to Planned Parenthood; it can even go to your local chapter, just let her know when you buy it! I love this necklace! Buy one for only $16 here. With federal funding to Planned Parenthood being cut tremendously, they need every penny they can get. I highly recommend this Etsy shop!

Great necklace. Super fast shipping! Well crafted. A+!

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  1. Maybe women should have access to birth control, but haven't you been following Planned Parenthood in the news? They've been lying about just about everything and aiding sex traffickers. It's sad that people still trust them. :(

  2. One can't base their opinion of an organization based on the acts of one individual. Planned Parenthood fired that manager in New Jersey after this video was released, and she even reported the "pimp" the day he came in. This controversy shouldn't discredit all the good things this organization does for women.

  3. So many centers have been exposed in shady business recently. Dumping human remains in a dumpster? Holding a 15 year old girl from her parents? Hiding statutory rape? Whatever the organization has at heart, the separate centers are very often just in it for the money and the organization really cared, they would have fixed that a long time ago.

  4. sorry to leave such downer comments on your lovely blog, it's just that I've seen planned parenthood help hurt women (physically and emotionally). But that doesn't change the fact that you are very talented and have an awesome blog. :)

  5. No worries. When it's an organization that deals with such a delicate subject matter as unwanted and terminated pregnancies, sexual abuse and sex in general, there is bound to be problems. It makes me very sad to think of what so many women go through.
    I appreciate the comments none-the-less. Thank you!! : )

  6. I bought one of these last week. I have struggled with my beliefs surrounding pro-choice and pro-life. But when I myself was put in a really difficult position, I realised that these organisations are there to help us - and it doesn't make us a bad person to support the right to choose what we do with our own bodies.

    I believe that if you are pro life, you ought to do something positive for people who are already alive - like fostering. But no one should say they are 'pro life' and then make a woman's life miserable.

    I'm excited to get my necklace, i'm glad you have one too :) and even though i'm from England, i'm glad that the money will go to an organisation similar to the one I had to rely on during the hardest time of my life.

  7. I agree with you, One can't base their opinion of an organization based on the acts of one individual.

  8. Women should and must continue to control their rights. I wear my hanger proudly and several strangers have asked me about it. Glad to be able to refer them to this web site!