Friday, April 8, 2011

Etsy Review: Fly Bird Designs

While shopping for a To-Do list notepad the other day, I had a great idea upon finding Fly Bird Designs on Etsy. Why not just buy a PDF and print it myself?! That way, paper is saved! You can use paper already in your house on which to print. You can even print on the back of paper that would normally go to your recycle bin: old bills, flyers, junk mail, letters. 
Renee from Fly Bird Designs emailed me the PDF in less than 24 hours and I printed them right away! I purchased this, Whale Love Printable Notepad PDF for only $3.75! AND it saves the cost of shipping, so it's cheaper, and the waste from packaging isn't created. Great all around.
Plus with the simple task of emailing the PDF, the artist is earning more money. Versus the cost of printing, supplies, shipping. I'm all about low margins and buying handmade form deserving artists!
My shopping list for today. I really need to go buy groceries. 
With the Masters in town, I haven't left downtown since I got back from Florida!
Simply print and cut more when you run out! You can print as many as you want!
Find more printable PDFs from Fly Bird Designs here.

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