Sunday, April 17, 2011

I swear I'm not a cat lady...

I just really love taking pictures of my cats. Like, really love taking pictures of them. I guess I can understand obsessed parents always taking pictures of their children. And since my cats are my kids, I do the same thing. I can only imagine how bad I'll be when I actually have children someday, many many years from now of course.
Poor Clementine had a rough night last night. My boyfriend's Great Dane, Zeus, tried to play with her. Zeus thinks Clem's hitting, very loud crying, and hissing means playtime, but really, Clem just wants to kill him. She was more aggressive than normal, and he was probably thinking "Ooo! Let's go!" He's about 115 pounds and she's about 10. But she still wins. Clem isn't declawed (I don't believe in declawing my cats), and I'm currently out of Soft Paws. I'm sure she got his face a few times. Ha.
Looking at that face and her sweet pictures, you'd never know she's a ruthless bitch. Since her night was so rough, she's been a big sweetie all day, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up with me. Doesn't she look so nice when she's sleeping? She's such a beautiful girl. As soon as I sit down, regardless of what I'm doing, eating, or reading, she has to be on my lap. Being the bitch that she is at heart, she still groans at me if I move the slightest bit and it affects her. It's almost like she's saying, "Uhhhh, I'm sleeping here! Do you mind?!"
You knows she's having a hard day when she lets me hold her like a baby, and she falls back asleep. And a rarity (below). Clementine is actually laying on my chest, close to my face. Such a tired face, both of us.
What would I do without my cats? They keep me sane! I shudder to think of the day that I will have to part with them. Clem's already 6, and Stella is 5. Luckily, keeping cats indoors prolongs their life along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. My girls prefer a laser pointer and wet food no later than 7 A.M. every morning. If I sleep in, they let me have it! Throat stomping is routine around 7:30. Maybe a few head butts from the nicer Stella.
Anyone who doesn't have a cat should get one. But please, rescue one! Don't bother with breeders or specialty cats. There are so many cats that need homes! Thousands of animals every year are euthanized because they do not find homes. And it is so rewarding to rescue one. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to get a rescued cat for his dog to play with, and I think I've succeeded. Maybe it will make Zeus nicer to my cats. Or at least understand what hissing means ha. We'll see.

All pictures taken using my iPhone and Instragram! I love this app!

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  1. What amazing pictures! :) you look so beautiful Sally, and your kitties are such gorgeous felines! My boyfriend and I made a pact that we were gonna rescue a cat when we move to our next apartment, and I can't wait for the playtime, cuddle time, and kitty-cuteness time!! Do your cats like catnip? Foil balls? I'll definitely have to get a laser point, both for my boyfriend and our cat!

    I want to name it Kitty Purry, but that may be a pornstar's name, or Kitty Holmes (but so far, none of those are flying with the bf), and my sister has always loved C-A-T, where you quickly spell it outloud... how did you come up with Clementine and Stella? :) Two things I absolutely love! Citrus and Stella Artois!

    Hope all is well, and don't ever stop the cat posts!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! Such sweet compliments.

    I'm very excited for you to get a cat with your boyfriend! You'll know which cat is right for you when you start looking. THEY pick you ha.

    My cats loveeee catnip! I usually put it on a vintage gold rimmed plate (classy cats ha) and they come running when I shake the bag the cat nip comes in. They usually just eat it. Then all hell breaks loose for a few hours. : )
    They used to like foil balls but such a small bit of the floor in my apt is linoleum. They like the little fur mice the most : )

    I like C-A-T for a name. I once had a cat my friend and I named Treebugs. He had Humphrey Bogart eyes and little stumpy legs. : )

    Clementine is named for Kate Winslet's character in Eternal Sunshine. Plus she's a tabby/Morris mix and has a lot of orange in her. Her dad was a Morris and her mom a dark tabby.

    Stella is named for A Streetcar Named Desire. I like to yell "STELLAAAA!" at her and she gets all crazy. Once I was watching that movie and when Marlon Brando started yelling she woke up and her ears heard her name ha.

    Thanks for loving the cat posts. They're my best friends and I love sharing their life with everyone : )

  3. Sally - your fur-kids are adorable! I have 3 myself & I can't imagine my life w/out them any more than I can imagine my life w/out my 2 real kids! They truly do become part of the family. I love that you gave a shout out to shelter cats - I volunteer @ a local cat shelter & those cats needs all the help they can get to find their furrrever homes! They're all so sweet & just want to be loved. Your cat pictures are beautiful - keep em coming!
    p.s. lovin your blog! keep up the gr8 work!
    Susie in PA