Monday, April 11, 2011

My new sewing room!

Finally, the last room in my apartment has been painted: my sewing room! And it's, of course, the most important room. I don't know how it ended up being the last one painted, but thank goodness it is.
I spent the entire weekend cleaning, painting, cleaning after painting, organizing and reorganizing. It's about 95% done and ready to be a very functioning workspace!
Before, the white walls drove me insane! I hate hate hate white walls. The flow of the room was not conducive to my work routine. In order to work at home, I feel one must want to be in that workspace. Almost like it needs to call me in. "Sally, come start sewing, it's mooorning!" And then I jump out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, and get to work! The white walls were dreadful and not appealing. 
I don't know why I chose this blue, but I love it. While shopping for paint, I had about 5 colors to choose from. I had an elephant grey (ruled out because an old bedroom of mine was grey), lilac (too comfortable, makes me sleepy), turqouise (may be nauseating after a few hours), a darker blue (I crave sunlight, too dark), and this blue. It was definitely the winner. Using this and a can of paint the color of coffee with milk, I painted the room on Saturday.
I used the blue for the walls above the wainscoting and the cream color for the wainscoting, leaving all trim white. I didn't use any tape or drop cloths. I'm a pretty sweet painter, eh?
I love spending a day painting a room by myself. Maybe I'm a strange reclusive person, but I love to get to know the spaces in which I live. I spend so much time at home, I want to love every corner. By painting it by myself, and blasting Bjork all day, I get in my own little world and my mind is focused only on painting. And it literally took me all day
It was so worth it! I moved everything around. My cutting table now between the only windows in the room. I hung some curtains that I made from scrap fabric, and the curtains pulls from pink vintage trim. The fabric wasn't as wide as the windows, but I don't plan on taking them down from this position. They frame the room so well.
Ironing area and my Kenmore sewing machine. Far left, my things to sew before anything else. It's quite the pile! My Janome and other desk it against the wall to the right of this one, opposite the wall with windows. It's just not clean enough to take pictures. I'm still organizing, ha.
Since my cats like to be in the same room as me when I'm home, it made sense to move the cat bed to this room. I placed it under one of the windows, where it was sure to get some sunshine, and Clem was asleep in no time.
My darling Clementine.
My "to-sew" rack. Full of dyed and undied, unsewn pieces of lingerie, a few dresses, and a few skirts. I find it a lot easier to pick out my day's work from this rack, just rifle through it and it's so much more visable than things that are folded.
I reduced my fabric shelves from three to two. It's all cleverly hidden behind tension rods and curtains. I got rid of about 1/2 of my fabric and reorganized the rest so it wasn't just thrown into the shelves. The fabric I no longer want is going to be given to my sister, friends, the local craft circle I belong to, or donated to someone who wants it. Unless it's by the yard fabric, I fear giving it to Goodwill or Salvation Army, as they will probably just throw it away. A lot of it is scrap pieces, not perfect rectangles, old clothes that needed repairs so they became "fabric" on the shelf.
Tomorrow's entry. How to turn this pillowcase into a handy apron. New sewing room = new apron! Very simple and quick! Check back tomorrow for the full tutorial!
All-on-all I LOVE my new room. Total cost of painting = $15!

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  1. Hey Sally,

    You did an excellent job with your sewing room. Now you have your own personal studio!

  2. Sal your new room looks awesome! I love the blue you picked. It reminds me of the blue in your bedroom in Evans. Pretty sky blue. Awesome job on the organizing too! See you don't need my skills!

  3. Thanks Alethia! It's so pretty. I love to just hang out and create things in here!

    Yeah Rach, it's like my old room but a little more blue than aqua. And I definitely used some Rachael techniques, I'd say to myself, "Sally, do you REALLY need this?!? When are you going to use this?!?" with your tone. It helped haha.

  4. Your sewing room looks great!! You are quite the painter! :) I also loved your bubblegum wall post too! So inspiring and I bet the sunlight through the windows on your freshly colored walls are divine!!

  5. I LOVE both of your sewing rooms... both your old pink one and your new one! I am in the process of turning our guest room into a sewing room, and I am trying to choose a paint color. Pink and aqua are my favorites, so I keep pictures of your two sewing rooms for inspiration. I was hoping you could tell me the names of the paints you used. Thanks so much!

  6. @amberly -- thanks! I love working in there now!!

    @Sonya -- thanks! The pink room is actually my living room. I've always wanted a pink pink room. The pink is "cotton candy pink" by Better Homes and Gardens. And I'll check what color the blue was the next time I go to the store : ) Glad I could inspire you. Painting does wonders to a room. It's definitely worth the effort!!

  7. Yes, I managed to figure out the pink in the living room, but I was wondering what color pink you used in your old sewing room. It looks like a raspberry color. I'm excited to get the room painted! Some people say you shouldn't paint your sewing room a color, especially a bright color, but I want a room that makes me feel joyful. Both of your sewing rooms definitely brought joy to me! You did a great job!

  8. My old sewing room? I'm not sure you have the right sewing room. Mine was white for almost a year, and my previous residence it was mint green. hmmmm...
    The new sewing room is "deepest aqua" from Glidden paints.
    Wish I could help, I'm just not sure what sewing room you're refering to.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I am a confused mess! I got your aqua room confused with another one. Please forgive me. I'm an idiot.
    Thanks so much for looking up that paint color for me, though!