Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roxanne: master seamstress!

Yesterday my Facebook page was flooded with tags of photos posted by my mother. Pictures of my three siblings and I when were very young. One theme I saw in all these pictures, were the handmade clothes. My mom would take her clothes she never wore and cut them down into one-of-kind creations for all four of us. My mom, Roxanne, is amazing! I thought I'd share some of her amazing work and some funny pictures from the 1980s and early 90s. Don't judge the crazy hair. It was cool back then haha.

My "Princess Bride" dress she made. The movie came out in 1987, I was born in 1985, and I remember watching it over and over again, wanting to be the Princess Bride. And I think that's a toy microphone in my hand. I'm pretty sure this was made for my older sister who is five years older than me, but I still loved every second I'd wear it!

The four of us with my mom in 1990 maybe (Sarah, me, Rachael, and Mark). I'm the one in suspenders and red lipstick; standing out even back then. But Rachael and I have matching shirts of course. We spent a lot of time at my grandmother's cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. I'm holding a clay pot I probably had just finished making. Along the shores of the river there was clay instead of sand. We'd fill 5-gallon buckets of clay and make amazing pottery all year round. Imagine my mom as my Girl Scout leader. Best craft projects ever!

Rachael and I playing dressup, 1988. Mom made the best costumes! Rachael was always almost the same size as me and shortly right around this time, she caught up with me. It's great having a sister the same size as you when your mom makes you whatever you want! Of course, convincing that sister to share, another story..

Christmas 1986 I think. Mark, me, Sarah and Mom. She made our matching outfits and out family portraits were always super cool. I wonder where Rachael went. She was 5 months old when this would have been taken.

My older sister, Sarah, on her fourth birthday, 27 years ago exactly! Today is my sister's 31st birthday. Happy birthday Sarah! I wasn't yet born, but check out that awesome dress she got to wear! And even a matching bow in her hair. She is clearly very excited about it.

And lastly one of my favorites. My mother and I in 1987. The overalls I'm wearing she made from a pair of jeans she had in high school. Very impressive, Mom! Notice the butt pocket on the front bib. She even added a little ruffle. I vaguely remember being really excited to put things in that pocket.

Here's a more recent photo of the two of us, Thanksgiving 2006. She's going to kill me for posting these pictures of her, but I don't care. It's her fault for putting them on Facebook for me to download. So tough Mom!

I'm so thankful for my mother. She taught me everything I know. At a very young age she taught me how to sew, and that is definitely one of the most important things about me. It's what I do. She is an amazing artist and there is nothing she cannot do! If she can't do it, she learns how and does it better than most people. The genes she gave me and the things she has taught me are hands down the reason I can see things the way I do and create the things I create. Thanks Mom! I love you and miss you!

I can't wait to go home to Michigan! I'll be there for 9 days in May and hopefully again in July. I hope you all enjoyed a little trip down memory lane. Did any of your mothers make your clothes when you were little? I'd love to hear your stories and see some pictures.

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  1. My mom did not sew, my Grammy either. I think maybe I got this weird creating gene from my great grandmother whom I've never met, cool huh? As for the clothes so cute and I grew up in U.P. as well!! We got all our groceries in Sault St. Marie.