Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunglasses = gold!

Who ever guessed thrifting in Florida was so amazing?! Rachael and I only went to one thrift store. But it was a thrift store that puts all others to shame. It was HUGE! It was like three stores in one. Too bad the car I took to Florida was a small Scion, or I would've bought furniture! I spent way too much money but I bought some amazing things. Check them out:
I bought 8 pairs of sunglasses! Only $2 each! $16 for 8 pairs, when I almost spent $100 on a vintage pair of RayBans last week. Much better investment here. And a great assortment! I picture these all coming from a rad chick in the 1980s having hundreds of awesome sunglasses in a trunk, and these were the ones she never wore. She went to college to get a real job, and mom and dad donated her collection to this thrift store. 
There are three pairs that are the same but different colors, white, brown, and black. Then two pairs that have an asymmetrical design on them. Black with green and and black with gold. A red and black pair that remind me of what Kanye West wears; the arms had a rippled design. My favorite: the blue pair with a rainbow design! And a wayfarer striped orange pair. What a deal!
I also found a ton of lingerie to dye and repurpose. So it was a business expense, right? Ha. I was awesome though, because I found a size 44 slip that was in perfect condition! Never worn! It's hard to find larger sizes of vintage pieces. I think I'll dye it a deep wine red. We filled one cart so full we had to get two and separate our things.
I also found these amazing Marushka glasses! Two of them. Marushkas are silk screen prints that were huge in the 1970s, inspired by Marimekkos from the late 1950s and 60s. I have an original Marimekko from 1954 that hangs in my bedroom and Marushkas all over my apartment. I never knew they made glasses! Perfect little jems to add to my vintage glass collection.
Apple pie and lemon meringue pie dishes. Recipe in the bottom of each pan. I have a pumpkin pie plate I bought in Michigan last year. So now my set is growing. You can never have enough pie pans!
Cutest wall hanging ever!
Total costs:
Sally: $113. 8 pairs of sunglasses. 10 slips. 2 skirts. 2 hats. 3 wall hangings. 2 soup bowls. 2 pie pans. 2 Marushka glasses. 1 mug. 3 tank tops. 2 dresses.
Rachael: $89. Clothes. Dishes. Bathing suit. Curtains... and more.

All-in-all a great trip. I can't wait to start dying the new pieces and repurposing all the clothes I bought! This week is going to be nonstop sewing, dying, photos, listing, blogging, everything! So much to do!

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  1. What AMAZING finds and you'll have a sunnies supply for many moons to come! :) Love the glasses, and you and your friend are just too cute! How long where you at the store?

    Well worth the trip! Damn, I love a good thrifting experience :)

  2. It's actually my sister ha. Hard to see the resemblance with her tan and blonde hair. We were there for about two hours!! Great trip!! : )