Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Etsy Review: Suzie Automatic

After purchasing my Powerbook, one of the first things I did was search Etsy for a decal. I've never been one to decorate things with stickers or anything that wasn't originally on the product. I hate bumper stickers, and I generally wouldn't purchase this decal. My way of thinking about decals changed since I purchased my laptop used, it's about 5 years old (still super fast, gotta love Macs) and in perfect condition. It has a few scratches so I figured I could have some fun and be expressive with my Powerbook. Decals are a fun way to express yourself and give your inanimate objects some life!
I came across Suzie Automatic in the searches on Etsy since she is the only decal sellers that will still make things to fit the Powerbook and iBook, the pre-Intel Macs. I'm sure the backlit apple on all Macs hasn't changed in size, but with this decal that goes to the edge of the case, it was specific to my Powerbook. 
I purchased the Locket Decal in red, my favorite color. I love the locket design and pearls, it's very "Sally", pictured above. If I would have picked any other decal in her shop, it'd be this one, the Antler on the Apple.
It came in the mail when I was in Michigan. I found it on my coffee table yesterday while I was unpacking and almost completely forgot about it! What a nice surprise to brighten my day with this terrible cold I have.
The instructions were so easy to follow and included with the decal. She also provided a small tester decal to practice before applying the one that matters. Of course, I just went right for this! It was very easy to apply and my Powerbook is definitely the coolest laptop in the room. 
I would recommend this Etsy seller! A+
If I could have afforded to buy myself a Macbook, I would have gotten this for the keyboard, above, from The Sticker Shop. The rainbow keys are so fun! Kaylah from The Dainty Squid has this on her Macbook and I'm so jealous.

Some other Etsy shops with fun decals:
-Lana Kole, home and laptop decals.
-Sticker Brand, I love this Eagle wall decal.
-Leo Little Lion, cute nursery decals, I love this one.

Sidenote: it is so nice to blog out of the house! I'm currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop, New Moon Cafe, with a bowl of creamy zucchini with feta and bacon and my mango pineapple smoothie with apple juice. Gotta kick this cold and eat healthy!

Oh yeah. And this is my 200th blog entry! Woo hoo.

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