Monday, May 9, 2011

Not quite awake...

Perfect title for the treasury I'm currently featured in: Not quite awake. I'm haven't really been myself this past week. I disappeared from the blogging world for a bit. Sorry about that guys. I had a rough week in my personal life and needed a little "me" time. So naturally, I didn't get much sewing work done. 
Hopefully everything will be back to normal this week. I have so much work to do! I'm going to be a busy bee all week!! I have a prototype to make for a new business ventrue (details soon), packages to ship and mail out today (the sale is going well in my shop), custom pieces to work on, new pieces to photograph, and more. 
My poor Clementine isn't her best today either. I noticed it when I went to trim her nails last night after buying new cat nails trimmers (I'd usually just use toe nail clippers, and the cats don't like them). Neither of my cats are declawed; I don't believe in it. She was being more difficult than normal, but she's a vocal cat, so I thought, "eh, no big deal, she's just being a bitch today." After finishing the right paw, I started on the left. She was shrieking and growling like crazy. I kept saying, "it's okay, Clem, I'm almost done." Then I was horrified to see that her middle digit is missing the entire claw! She ripped it out somehow, I have no idea how. 
Here she is yesterday afternoon. She was being a ham for the camera, as usual. I didn't notice during the day she wasn't her normal self. But then again I was gone for half of the day. She is always wanting belly rubs. And when she sees my D40 come out, she really puts on a show.
The suspect. Zeus. He's about 115 pounds and sooo huge! Matt and his dog were over for a few hours yesterday morning. Zeus likes to lay next to my bed while Clem and Stel growl from beneath. Once in a while, Clem lashes out at him. She inches to the edge of the bed then attacks him with her claws; then she goes back under the bed. Zeus thinks she's playing and doesn't mind the claws to his face. He gets more excited, making her more pissed off.
So she probably went to hit him and ripped it out on something. The bed frame, his face, furniture, the carpet, who knows. My poor baby Clem. It breaks my heart to think she was in pain all day and I had no idea. Or it wasn't even Zeus at all, and she did it being a dumb fat cat. It's a mystery.
I'm taking her to the vet this afternoon. Hopefully they'll give me some cat pain killers or a solution to her being in constant pain. Can you imagine ripping off your entire nail and cuticle?! Hang nails are already like murder. That is another reason I didn't get my cats declawed. It's so inhumane! They need their nails to function, and the way the procedure is performed is basically a guillotine to their first knuckle. Read more here
A great alternative to declawing your cat: SOFTPAWS! I love them on my cats. Clem looks so fierce in pink ones! They come in all different colors and sizes. As long as your cats are comfortable with you handling their paws, it's very easy to apply them. First, trim their nails first. I usually trim almost to the cuticle. Then fill 10 Softpaws half full with glue, let them sit for a minute and apply to the cats nails. I hold them for a minute after they're all one and walk around talking to them like a baby. As soon as you put them down they try pulling them off with their teeth and you want that glue to be dry. After an hour the cats don't even know they are there. And you can match the Softpaws to your cats! I like getting pink, purple, and red. Next, I think I'll get gold glittery ones! Clementine and Stella will look beautiful in gold.
Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Oh poor Clem! That must be awful for her. I've been thinking about getting softpaws for my new kitties. You really like them? How much trouble do have getting them to sit still long enough? I have two 1 year olds who let me trim two claws at a time if I'm lucky...