Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sisterly Love

Passing my bedroom on my way to the kitchen to make myself lunch, I saw my cats snuggling up on my bed and couldn't resist snapping a few pictures with my camera. Stella, the tortie, doesn't get as much face time as Clementine, the tabby. So here's a few cute pictures of my cats being lazy. Not very interesting but they're sweet girls.
The shutter woke her up. "Whatcha doing, Ma?" Clem: "zzzZZzz.."
Using the remote for a few family photos.
Clem is unappreciative of my love.
Next blog post: Etsy review of this Fox shirt!
The lazy bones back on the bed, ready for another nap. This leopard blanket is their favorite and it's the only reason I keep it around. I'm not a fan of animal prints, at all. But Clem and Stel love their fleecy blankets, and this one was a gift. The second I cover up with one, I have Clementine on top of me, drewling and making bread.
I can't wait to see my sister this weekend and all next week! Two more days until I fly to Michigan. Time to start packing. I'm going to miss these little brats.

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