Monday, May 2, 2011

Social Canvas 2011

Yesterday's Social Canvas was so much fun! Sarah and I spent the first half of the weekend pricing all of our handmade goods. I even stayed in on my only night off, Saturday, to make a few last minute pieces and get organized. I hadn't been a vendor at a craft show or artisan market for almost a year. It was a great day.
Here is a photo recap of the Artisan Market and Social Canvas on the Riverwalk of Augusta yesterday:
Sarah and I.
The view from our booth. We were at the end of the Riverwalk since we had a 10' x 10' canopy to set up underneath. It's too hot in Georgia to be out in the sun all day. It's already in the high 80s here!
The booth next to ours, selling handmade jewelry and the end of the Riverwalk.
Our booth (taken with my iPhone). My clothes, some of my accessories on the left. 
Sarah's jewelry on the right.
The "Pretty Woman" dress I repurposed just for this show. Blog post coming soon. 
Having fun taking pictures. Sar is trying to stay cool, which was near impossible!
The clothing rack I made on Friday for the show. The other one I have, which is store bought and factory made, always blows over with the slightest bit of wind. Since we were up on the levee, there is a constant breeze. We even had to tie the canopy down with gallon jugs of water. Tutorial on how to make this clothing rack coming this week!
Sarah's lovely jewelry. Everything she makes is repurposed from vintage jewelry.
A local vendor, an outdoorsman, sold crosses made from found wood.
Kids painting. Anyone could add to the large canvas. They were having so much fun!
Markus, David and others playing awesome tunes.
 Aaron Crawford. My neighbor. He paints monsters. Website here.
Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman. He paints awesome robots. Website here.
Carrie, friend, painter, and high school art teacher, shopping for jewelry from Sarah.
Nude cocktail dress. Sold.
Blue Tulips dress sold to Lauren, local stylist and fellow vendor. 
She was selling handmade jewelry. The dress was perfect on her!
Morgan bought herself the Jesus pillowcase I made from an old wall hanging/rug. 
She also bought some hair clips from Sarah. Can't wait to sew with her soon!
"Jeruselum Tunes". This guy had crazy cheeks!
My friends, Luke and Katie, stopping by to say hello. 
Luke's favorite piece of lingerie reminded him of his idol, Dolly Parton. I'm naming it "Dolly".
I can't believe it had been almost a year. It was a great show. And it was the first time I really put my clothes out. A good learning experience. I can't wait to do it again. I definitely need to make another clothing rack and more clothing. I'm thinking about putting all my purses on extreme clearance in my shop to get rid of them. I've had the same ones for over a year. It's time to focus on clothing!
Back to work this week. There is so much to do and so many new items coming in my shop! Check back later this week for a tutorial on how to make a clothing rack like the red on in my booth and the "Pretty Woman" dress before and after. Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. I wrote a long comment but stupid internet explorer deleted it. UGH. I'll try again...

    I think it said this:
    Where did you customers try on their outfits? And I think it's awesome that you took pictures and that your stuff can be sold to everyone!

  2. Like I said Rach-- you need a mac!!

    The museum was just about 20 yards away. The girl that bought the tulips dress wanted to wear it since it was so hot out and the woman that bought the nude cocktail dress had to make sure it fit. I have to take the shoulders up a little then I'm mailing it to her. She lives in Texas.

    Wish you could've made it!