Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At the river

I forgot to share these pictures from a recent trip to the river with Matt. He and I went, along with his dog Zeus. He went NUTS! It was so entertaining to watch his dog swim and play in the water. He likes to bite waves, catch water I throw at him, and when he swims he is constantly trying to walk on top of the water. It's hilarious. I wish I had a do like Zeus. Someday when my cats let me, I'll get a dog.
Other dogs in sight?
Matt and I.
Our matching river shoes. Walmart, $5. Awesome.
I can't wait to go to the ocean in the next few weeks! Maybe I'll take a trip down there this weekend. In order to justify a weekend getaway, I have to get a lot done this week. I just finished dying two batches of lingerie. One was dark green, but everything came out olive, a pleasant surprise. And the other was wine, everything came out a deep pink. While they dry I'm working on a few pieces in my sewing room. Busy busy busy! 

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