Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A garden wedding..

The main reason for returning to Michigan, aside from seeing my family, was my cousin's wedding. Danny and his fiancee Megan were wed in my Aunt Joan's backyard last Saturday. We drove to Ann Arbor early Saturday morning, ran into a few speed bumps on the way there, but made it dressed and ready to celebrate with the rest of our family. 
My cousin, David and I. I used to be a nanny for his five kids. That's right, FIVE! The kids came to the wedding; it was so great seeing them. It was hard being home and making time to see everyone and unfortaunately I didn't get to see the kids much. His oldest, Ethan, is 12 and as tall as me! They're all growing up so fast.
My mom and brother, Mark. Doesn't he look so handsome (I picked out his outfit).
 Danny and Megan exchanging vows. I always cry at wedding. Their vows were beautiful!
Happily married!
Rachael and I posing for a few photos before dinner. My aunt and uncle, Danny's parents, were married in this very garden about 30 years ago! My uncle Art's mother lives in the house next door and they built their house a few years ago so they could be close to his mother. How awesome is that?! My dad is going to live with or near me someday when I'm married with kids. I tell him all the time. 
My uncle's parents came to the States from China and I love the Asian feel of this pathway. 
It was so pretty!
Rachael, Mark, and I. Can you tell we're related?
The cake topper. It was on the bride's grandmother's cake years ago. 
And Megan's sister made the cake; it was delicious!
My cousin, Alex, and I. We both wore hats! She lives in New Orleans and is a sweet southern bell. I can't believe how old she is now! It seems like just yesterday she was learning to talk. And now she's almost in high school.
My dad and I. He came over to tell me to put my hat back on after I let my hair down. I guess it really upset him that I took it off. He thought it looked nice. I'm glad my dad approved of my $2 thrift store hat! The hat was a vintage bridal hat, probably worn by a bride in the 1960s. My dad hates my thrifting but always tells me I look nice. He's so funny. The dress I wore I bought when I was 18 from a thrift store in Lansing, Michigan. 
The first dance.
Danny looks so happy!
Being silly. I think everyone wore Danny's hat at some point.
Danny and Megan were so lucky, in that as soon as we got under the tent for dinner, it started to pour down rain! And it rained all night. It's lucky to have rain on your wedding day though, right? Congrats to Danny and Megan!

And ahem! Photos by Rachael (and a few taken from Facebook)

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  1. These pictures look very beautiful! Everyone is so happy and looks so pretty. If I get married one day, I also want the wedding to be in a garden. :)

  2. Sally! Where's my props?

    Photos taken by Rachael!!

  3. It was a great wedding. Our family sure knows how to throw a party. Thanks Gesa!

    Done Rach. Notice the edit. : )