Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Growing girl

Update on Margot: she's growing and learning. It's been almost a week since I rescued her from my neighborhood, all alone and without her mother. All her fleas are gone. She did not like getting a bath in my bathroom sink. She is so tiny I wrapped her up in a washcloth after her bath!
The vet found that she had worms, and he gave Margot her first distemperment shot. He couldn't believe that she had been a stray being how healthy she looked and her felt. She only weighed a pound when I brought her in! So tiny.

Margot loves rolled up socks. She is so spunky. It's so cute to watch her run. She hops around like a bunny sometimes and it's so funny. This morning she woke me up by burrowing in my hair, again. She curls up behind my neck, under my hair and purrs when she is sleeping. 
Margot's favorite things: fingers. She loves to attack me, especially when I'm sleeping. It's really pleasant (not really). She loves to eat my hair and bite my toes when I'm in a dead sleep. I just want to kill her sometimes but she's so sweet and doesn't mean harm by it so I can't be too mad. 
My cats, Clementine and Stella, have been huge bullies to the 6 week old kitten. Margot is finally comfortable leaving my bedroom. She was so terrified even to go to the litter box with big fat Clementine sitting in the doorway to my bedroom, preventing her from doing anything. I can just hear her saying, "hiss, don't your dare come out here! This is my house."
"WHY are you playing with my jingle ball?!"
"I don't want it anymore. That thing touched it! (sigh)"
Thankfully, I think I found a home for her! I'm sad I can't keep her since my girls will never be happy with a new friend. Stella, maybe. Clem, definitely not. My friend, Sarah, will (fingers crossed) take her in. Sarah already has one black female cat, Sorenson. And she already wanted to get a new kitty for her kids who are around 5 and 7. Margot is perfect, right? 
I don't know how I'm going to stand giving her up. We've really bonded these last few days and she is so sweet. I just have to keep telling myself, "Sally, you cannot have three cats!" But I wish I could.

As I'm typing this blog entry, she is eating the post-it's on my iMac, attacking my fingers on the keyboard (typing is a real joy with her around), and pawing at the screen. Kittens are so entertaining!

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  1. I'm loving your posts about her growing! She's soooo adorable. I love little baby kittens, they're the cutest. Although always seem to make the grown up kitties cranky...

  2. She is adorable. i am so sorry I cant post a picture of my new cat. She looks exactly like your Margot, maybe a little bit fluffier and her name is Lizzette.Maybe they are sisters but I live in Romania:)))) I love your blog. Romania watches you.