Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Red Corvette

Rachael and I were causing trouble in Ithaca, Michigan last week, driving my uncles 80s Corvette. I kept hearing the Prince song in my head, "Little Red Corvette." We drove it to town and back, about 5 miles each way. Pulling out of their gravel driveway I threw stones all over the place. That car has horsepower! It was a little chilly outside or we could have removes the roof and had a partial convertible. I hope to someday have a classic car to drive around town for fun.
This car was so fun to drive. It had so much character that is definitely lacking in new cars today.
I don't understand why people buy new cars. A "Smart" or "Green" car isn't smart or green for years after buying it, taking into consideration the power, resources, and manufacturing it takes to make a fuel efficient car. For example, the rechargeable batteries that most cars use are shipped all around the world while it's being manufactured. This means more energy spent on shipping, obviously, and the process by which they make these batteries isn't clean! You know what's more green?! Buying a USED CAR! 
I absolutely love my car. It's a 1998 Plymouth Breeze, like a Dodge Stratus but there are very few of them. It gets 30 miles per gallon. It's paid for. I gas up once a month. And it requires almost no maintenance! Plus, with a used car that is paid off, insurance is cheaper with low liability coverage. I think my insurance is only $30 a month. So do the math. I maybe spend $60 a month on my car. 
Sure, I'd love a Honda Fit or a Scion XA, or better yet, a Volkswagen station wagon. But I find it more cost effective and green to just be content with the car I have. Everyone loves the idea of a car being a status symbol, but that is pretty ridiculous. A car gets one from point A to B and that's all that matters!

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I drive my little 2003 Ford Focus hatchback (in lipstick red. It really is adorable) that I saved up for and is all my own. It's about 50 bucks a month for insurance (the joy of living in a city), and I fill up the tank once a month. My baby might be a little rough around the edges, but she always gets me from point A to B, and almost never needs repairs. In my entire life my parents have only once ever bought a new car. We're all about the used, they still have tons of life in them!