Friday, June 24, 2011

Look what I found.

Matt and I had a little date last night, and upon returning to my house with Zeus after dinner we heard cries coming from my neighbors yard. A kitty darted out from the bushes "SAVE ME SAVE ME!" she cried. I scooped her up and couldn't let her back down. The neighbor who's yard she was in is the worst man in the world. I've had to call animal control on him numerous times because he neglects his dog, so I'm sure he had heard her crying all day. 

We got up on my porch, figuring out what to do, and a woman walking her dog passed by. I asked her if she'd seen a litter of kitties and their mother around. She said she'd heard a kitty crying in my neighbors yard earlier that day. And she did nothing. I don't know how people passed this kitty all day, not helping her. 

I shut my two cats in my sewing room and brought her inside. I have to keep them separated since my cats aren't vaccinated. There really isn't a point since they're only indoors cats and this is the first cat I've saved.

Matt and I both fell in love with her. She's so sweet! I'm guessing she's about 4 weeks old at the most. I think she was separated from her mother earlier this week when the terrible storm hit Olde Town. She always wants to be up by your neck. She'd burrows in our hair, probably thinking we had a nipple somewhere under there to suck on. She clearly misses her mommy.

We put on Royal Tenenbaums and then Matt suggested we give her a name. You know what happens once you name a stray, you keep it! That's how we got Margot. I think it fits her perfectly. And I love old lady sounding names for cats. Now we can't give her away. Hopefully Matt will take her. It's about time he gets his dog a little friend. And Zeus definitely loved her. He licked her head to toe and she didn't seem to mind.

Don't they look so sweet together. As long as Matt's great dane doesn't eat her. I can't keep her. Three cats may be too many for me, and Clementine and Stella are NOT pleased with this little visitor.

She slept in my little cat carrier. I don't know if she's litter trained so I put some little in a small dish and some milk in a custard cup for her. She drank the milk up right away; I'm sure she was starving! Then 6 A.M. this morning I hear her crying. I brought her into bed and went back to sleep.

And this is what I woke up to. She was curled up in my neck, resting her paws on my face, purring and sleeping. Margot is so sweet. We're on our way to the vet this morning.
Have a great day everyone!

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  1. It's amazing how people can just walk right by an animal in pain. I don't see how they do it- do they not have souls?? I'm so thankful for people like you that help!! And she is precious- Margot just seems to fit her perfectly!

  2. How wonderful Sally ! He adopted you,that's real love. : )

  3. oh...she's so cute, glad she found a new home


  4. I'm so glad you rescued her! I rescue kitties whenever I find them on the street, but so few people do. She clearly deserves a good home.

    Oh and I love grey kitties! My kitty back home, and one of my babies here are both grey.

  5. I'm so glad you rescued her! Now she will have a good home. I can't believe people can pass by any animal in need.
    -Rachael Mae