Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New color of lingerie: olive green

I've been experimenting with new colors of dye lately, and I'm ready to share with you all a new favorite, olive green. While the dye is actually "dark green" the fabric absorbs it such that it comes out an olive green. I love it! I'll have them sewn and up in my shop early next week. Be sure to keep checking in for new items. I'm  busy bee this week!
Before and after. Still needs to be sewn.
For those of you that are new to my blog. I repurpose and redesign vintage slips. I dye them and re-sew them to give them an update look, making them the perfect lingerie! See more by visiting my Etsy shop. Not a piece of fabric is ever wasted. I save all the excess fabric when they are shortened and use it to add on bows, and the larger pieces I'm saving for made-to-order lingerie, tops and bottoms, coming soon. I'll be making bloomers and bralettes. Lots of work ahead of me.
Time for work. Half way through my work week, almost to the weekend. It's been so hot this week in Augusta. I'm talking 100+ degrees! It's miserable. Especially since yesterday was the first day of summer. We're in for a hot hot summer in the south. A huge storm came through last night and a little cool front is helping with the horrible heat wave we've had. There is still so much to do before the week is over! There are never enough hours in my day. Hope are all having a great week and staying cool, where ever you may be.

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  1. oh my! I absolutely love this color .. I might be taking a gander at your shop later this week hmm hmm