Sunday, June 12, 2011

River rat

As the days get hotter here in Augusta, Georgia, it's hard to stay cool. With no beach in town, I go crazy, and I just want to swim and play in the sand. Sure, I have friends with pools, but it's just not the same. The Savannah River separates Georgia and South Carolina, and Augusta right on the border. The river is the closest thing nearby to jump in. I made a little trip down there yesterday, a few miles away from my house.
My Icicle Playsuit from Petite Chouette. I bought this last year and I've only had the chance to wear it a few times. Since it's made out of bathing suit material, it's perfect for a day of playing by water. It's a great little onesie jumper to hang around in. Check out her shop for some cute clothes. I really want this, and especially this.
And it isn't a day at the river without a cold beer, right? Don't worry. I only brought one. My last Two Hearted Ale (A MICHIGAN BEER! WOO!) from my fridge, a glad container of grapes, bottled water, and my fully charged iPod made for a great afternoon by myself enjoying the breeze coming off the water. It's crazy how a few miles away from downtown, where I live, and on the water, it's about 15 degrees cooler!
My sweet shades I "borrowed" from my mom when I was home in Michigan. They were in her gym locker and I said, "Oooo! I'm taking these!" She didn't seem to mind. Vintage knock-off Ray Bans. They're fantastic. And don't you just love lens flares in photos? Sometimes it's a bother but it always reminds me of Punch-Drunk Love, my all time favorite movie.
This is where I will be next time. On the large rocks in the middle of the river. A little more planning will be required. I'll probably have to go during the week to get the solitude I'd like. Since it was Saturday, the river was full of families and kids, and loud noises. Sitting on those rocks in the middle of the river is so wonderful, the water just passing you by and nothing else is around you.
People nearby trying to find crawfish. 
Lessons for my next trip to the river: 
-Bring something waterproof to put under my towel, it was soaked from sitting on the shore. 
-Bring water shoes! My Vibrams maybe. They're the five finger shoes, and I can't wear them around town since my oddly long pinky toe is too long for the perfect foot that Vibrams says should fit in their shoes. They'd be perfect for the rocky bottom of the river so I can walk out and swim a little.
-Don't forget sunscreen! I don't know how I managed to forget this, it's the most important one. My tattoos are brightly colored and color fades with sun exposure. I use SPF 90 on my tattoos and 35 all over. Don't want to get wrinkles prematurely!
-Pack a sandwich. Grapes were yummy, but not enough food. I still need to find the perfect picnic basket that I can bring to parks and the river. I really miss picnics.

How do you stay cool during the summer months? The lake, river, ocean? 

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  1. Miss Sally,
    I am from Michigan and spent years in the Upper Peninsula as a child. As an adult I have lived in Ohio and Indiana and around. I am back in Michigan and let me just say I LOVE the great lakes. Nothing compares to them and when I imagine living not near a large body of water I feel sort of desperate and thirsty (even though I have to drive to Lake Michigan there are still tons of lakes around). So I feel for you! Can a michigander thrive with out the GL's? I have lake water in my veins!!!! I feel for you so much and I will think of you when I'm at the beach this summer.