Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Market

What a beautiful day in Augusta, Georgia. With the hot hot heat we have had this week, the only chance  I get to ride my bike is early in the morning, before the midday sun is unbearable. I threw on a hat, sunglasses, and some shorts, and rode downtown. Saturday Market on the river just started, it's held on the closed off part of Eighth street, between Reynolds and the Riverwalk. 
Local graphic artist Joyceanne Russell and her husband Erik (back) selling their art at the Artists on the Verge booth. Joyce was selling her prints, and her husband, Erik Russell selling his art and printed t-shirts. Visit her blog hereVerge, a local magazine, features artists each weekend. Next week it will be Aaron Crawford.
Plants for sale! Too bad I don't have a basket on my bike.
Fresh produce. Mmmmm.
My friend's dog treats. Jacqueline makes jewelry, dog treats, lip balms, and hand salve. I bought some dog treats for Matt's dog, Zeus. You can buy them here! I also bought some herbal healing salve. It is amazing! Check out her shop!
Thirsty dogs!
One of my favorite things in Augusta! The fountain in front of the Riverwalk. It just started again last week. A lot of kids came prepared in bathing suits. Parents thinking ahead. It feels so nice to walk by this and feel the mist when it's 95+ degrees outside! And it's also great watching kids enjoy it.
Balloons for the kiddies!
I ran into my photographer friend, David, that shot my lingerie in January. His booth with Tire City Potters was right in front of the fountain. He snapped a few pictures of me playing in the fountain. Of course, he changed the settings because I wasn't shooting with the optimal mode and what not. He needs to give me some lessons. And I need to purchase a better lens!
The fountain is so refreshing. I popped off my shoes and started playing. All the clothes I'm wearing are thrifted. The hat I got in Florida while visiting my sister. The shorts I bought last week at a thrift store in Michigan. Stephanie and Rachael thought I was nuts for getting them, and while they are a little big on me, I love them! 
Splashing water on a small child (not pictured) trying to encourage him to play in the water. I think I may have frightened him a little. Stranger danger. Oops. I would have played in that fountain for hours!
More locally grown plants.
See the rainbow?
My friend, David. Photographer, potter, budget analyst. He's so talented. I bought a mug from Tire City Potters for my mom for Mother's Day. Shishir, the owner of Tire City, had thrown it and David glazed it. It's currently her favorite mug! I love that she has something made in Augusta. And made by a friend. It is great owning amazing things made by people you know. I rarely buy new things and always try to support local artists. Luckily, there is no shortage of artists in this town.
Right before I left I bought some roasted almonds and a soda from this nice man. They are so good. I'm sitting here blogging and munching on them with Clementine at my side. She's not eating any of course. She is smelling Zeus' treats and thinking about those. 
Next up today: the Mudbugabeaux N Brew, 3rd annual crawfish and craft beer festival at the Commons. Beer and crawfish! I can't wait. 

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  1. Looks like a fantastic day! I love the markets!

    Katie x

  2. I liked your blog so much I've given you an award! Come by to claim it,

  3. Hi! lovely pictures. Weather looks great! I just stumbled upon your blog and love what you're doing here. Your refashion projects are very inspiring. Following you!