Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer sun, shop update

Good morning/afternoon world! I'm so excited to have been so productive today. I had a photoshoot bright and early in my back yard, photographing lingerie I've made in the last few weeks. I am sooo behind in work! These last few weeks I've been stressing out so much, with my personal life, and my family vacation making me miss home even more. I just haven't been staying on task. Sometimes, things get in my head and I end up putting off work. When I deal with  stress in my life, I either dive into work like crazy or avoid it altogether. Unfortunately, I've been a slacker! I needed a swift kick in the behind to get me back to work. So I've been listing new items all day in my Etsy shop. And tomorrow will be a sewing day. 
Black Swan, size 34.
Hello Kitty, size 34.
Hard at work being a photographer. I skipped using my tripod today. Less to carry all the way to my backyard. I was listening to a Genuis mix on my iPod, with a little Yo La Tengo, Matt Pond PA, Belle and Sebastian, Broken Social Scene, Eels, and Ben Gibbard. And once 11 AM hits, it's almost too hot to be out back in the sun. Bright and early every few days I need to get outside and photograph the previous days work.
Be sure to check out my shop for all the new items. Tomorrow, I'll be listing more pouches and clothing.

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