Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take it from me..

And the instructions on the box... When dying hair a bright bright fire engine red, wear gloves! Or this will happen:
Lesson learned. I will never let this happen again. Now we'll see how long until the red fades back to my normal skin. I washed my hands with everything I could think of. Peroxide, Dr. Bronner's, Goo Gone, watered down bleach, fresh lemon juice, washed with a sugar scrub, Mary Kay Satin Hands. NOTHING HELPS! It's the kind of hair dye that just stains the hair, no ammonia or strong chemicals, it just coats the hair and gradually rinses out.
Work was really enjoyable when everyone that I served a beer was really confused. They either asked why on earth my hand was red, or they were too shy to ask and just tried not to let me see them stare. I can't wait for this to wash off! It leaves a waxy feeling on my skin. Ew. 
Chalk this up to experience. I now know that no matter what, WEAR GLOVES!

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  1. Have you tried acetone? It's one of the most amazing universal solvents! That or if you were careful you could probably get it off with paint thinner (toluene), but watch out as that technically is a carcinogen. Thankfully being a chemist you gotta learn how to clean everything really really well.

  2. Beth- I soaked my hand in acetone, helped a little. It stained my skin so it came off with wear. It's been four days and it's FINALLY GONE! YAY!