Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why I do not shop at the mall

This movie trailer for the documentary, "Made In L.A." is painful to watch. It breaks my heart that this is happening in this country, and anywhere in the world for that matter. I could go on for days about this issue, but I will try my best not to go into a rant. In the thumbnail for the video below, she is holding up a shirt sold for $13 at the store, and she is paid 19 cents to make it. Can you imagine working under these conditions and for that pay? It is inexcusable.
I encourage you all to watch this trailer and become educated on labor practices of the companies you support when you buy their clothing. Know what you are buying! No one should have to suffer for fashion. 
Check out the website for screening across the country. Get involved and spread the word! Share this video with 5 friends. And please, think twice before you purchase that shirt at the mall you have to have! Consume less, and purchase clothing made fairly and without hurting people that are just trying to survive.

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