Saturday, July 30, 2011

What I Wore:: 7.29.11

A gift from my friend, Sarah, this skirt is one of my current favorites. 
Before and after. She bought it for me in February, and it was much longer. Can you see the difference in my skin tone, hair length, and weight?! Amazing what a few months in the gym will do. I look a million times better now!
My favorite part about this skirt, the yoke and waist. It's super light fabric, perfect for Georgia summers. I shortened it about 10 inches. And I just love my pink living room for a backdrop for pictures. I need to utilize these walls more. For more on my cotton candy living room, see this post.
Shirt:: Insight, bodysuit, yard sale, $5. Belt:: thrifted, $1. 
Skirt:: Chaus, thrifted, $1. Glasses:: perscription, Walmart, $30.
And look what difference changing the hem can make!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to do laundry and then spending the day with Matt at the pool. I love weekends. Lazy days!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kings of Leon!

Matt and I drove to Atlanta yesterday for the Band of Horses and Kings of Leon show. KOL is Matt's all time favorite band, while I only have a few of their CDs. They're great and we were both really excited to get out of Augusta for the day. Plus, I never get the chance to go to Atlanta. It's always for concerts and I had never been downtown. We left a few hours early so we could walk around the city for a bit. Here are photos from yesterday in Instagram photos.  

Being tourists at CNN headquarters. Too bad we didn't pass by Anderson Cooper. I love him. We took this picture for my dad. And yes, I am wearing shorts, they are just very short and my legs are very long.

After the two and a half hour drive, and walking around downtown, we stopped into a little alley bar, called Sidebar, right by Georgia State University. 4 P.M. means Happy Hour! I would have been walking into my bar to start my shift for the day, oh how I love days off and being a patron instead.

Our family of Guinness at Sidebar. My favorite beer in the entire world, Guinness Draught and the bartender poured it correctly. I get so irritated when it is not poured right! 
And "baby Guinness," Patron XO + Bailey's.

Tailgating in the large field where we parked with a ton of other people. I love how green and overgrown everything looks in the south. But this blanket looking vine you see everywhere is actually really bad for the natural habitat and trees. And the bugs! Ants! EVERYWHERE! Eeep.

This is how we tailgate. Stella and beef jerky. Mmmmm. 
We also had cheetos and Miller High Lifes. Matt came prepared. 

Taking a break from the hot tailgate to soak up some AC in his Wrangler. Thank goodness we took his car, mine does not have AC. It was probably 95 degrees yesterday! SO HOT!

The heat didn't stop us (Matt especially) from being super excited about the show!

 Yay, Band of Horses opened first. No opening-opening band!

 Kings of Leon playing.

It's nice that Matt has a job in radio and he got the tickets for free. And 6th row! Well, we were sixth row behind the pit. But I hate being crammed into standing room and having strangers sweat on me. No pit for me, no thank you. I'll take my seat, sit down my purse, and have room to dance around. 

Hope you are all enjoying your week! I know I am.
Only a few more days until the weekend, yay!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Silver Strings Treasury

Check out this treasury I am featured in, Silver Strings of Lunar Thread
It features my lingerie piece, Grey Gardens, pictured below. Use the coupon code "silver" today only, for 30% off ANYTHING in my shop!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sewing with Morgan, shortening a dress.

Lesson four with Morgan. And boy, is she getting good at sewing. Yesterday she brought over a dress she bought that needed repair and we shortened this green dress above. Annette gave me this dress from her vintage shop, Sweet Ludie's, back in January. I initially got it for myself and planned on shortening it, but it was a tad too small on my waist. Morgan spotted it on my dressform a few lessons back and commented on how much she liked it. I let her try it on, and teeny little Morgan fit into it perfectly! 
We started by getting out my chalk hem marker. This little contraption is definitely worth buying for those of you that shorten skirts frequently. It measures the distance from the ground all the way around. Using a little hand pump, air pressure blasts your fabric with a horizontal chalk mark, precisely and accurately. Do this every few inches. This tool is great if you do not have someone around to help you mark your hem. See me using it here to shorten a skirt of my own.
Using the chalk marks as the bottom of the new hem, we pinned up the dress to see how Morgan liked the new length. It is best to do this before you cut anything. Once you cut the fabric you can't put it back if it's a few inches too short. 
She is satisfied. Keep in mind all the bulk fabric pinned up under the dress makes it fall differently than if the fabric was cut off. It will be a tad bit longer without the excess fabric underneath.
After removing all the pins and getting back out of the dress, Morgan marks two inches down from every chalk mark made with the hem marker. Her seam allowance will be two inches. She will be sewing a double-folded hem.
Cut fabric along the bottom chalk marks.
Pin double folded hem.
 Sewing tip: when choosing your thread. Make sure it disappears on your fabric!
Try it on one last time, if you'd like, to be sure it is the desired length. Again, it is easier to slip it on really quick than to rip out an entire seam if it's a tad too short. The two inch seam allowance is handy for that in case you want it a little longer. Notice how the original circular cut of the skirt is still kept with this alteration. The original style is still intact, but updated for today's style.
Sew 5/8" in from edge of fabric.
Ta-da! New dress! Much more modern with the shortened skirt. And don't you just adore Morgan's feather tattoo? It's so pretty. 
Be sure to press the hem before wearing it.
And, as always, Morgan looks fabulous!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sorry, Reuben

I went into my sewing room the other day to patch up my friend's shirt, and found this little brat had made it her bed the entire time I was gone in Florida. Thanks a lot, Clementine. Sorry, Reuben. She woke up for a second, but changed her mind and went back to sleep. "Sorry, ma, I'm too tired to move."
I'm definitely going to have to wash this before I give it back to Reuben. I look forward to the day when I move my sewing room out of my house and into an actual office space, because, well, NO CAT HAIR! I'll miss them bothering and nudging me all day, but I can offer a better product to my customers, sans cat hair.
But how can I yell at this sweet thing? My big fat baby Clem. I love her so much.

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Etsy Review: I'm Your Present

I've been wanting this Cuts of Meat dress for so long! I finally splurged in June and bought it for myself. I bought it from I'm Your Present, where one girl, Kelly, sews everything. She makes the cutest clothes! Kelly is a power seller on Etsy, up to about 12,000 sales! She must never leave her work shop; I wish I had that dedication. 

This dress just cracks me up. The positioning and words of the screenprint just make me giggle. The front is "rack", "rib", and "shank".

The backside, "chuck", "sirloin", and "rump". I didn't realize that people would actually look at it when I'm out in public. With the big "rump" screen-print on the butt, I can catch people reading it. I did wear it with skinny jeans in public because it is so short on me. I'm too tall for so many dresses.

It makes me a little uncomfortable feeling people's eyes on me, but I guess I picked the wrong dress to not be noticed. That is the precise reason I got it in grey with black screen print. This one would have been a little much for me. I love how sassy it is though. Definitely gives me a little swing in my hips when I wear it.

While it took about three weeks to get my dress, she made it in the color I wanted, and as a tank dress. It was a bit pricey compared to the mall, but look what I got, a handmade, American made, custom screen printed, made to my size, amazing dress that I guarantee, no one else in this city has. Handmade is always better! I love shopping on Etsy. Check out her shop for more amazing clothes. AND she makes things with kittens on them. I love cat clothing! This Pink Pretty Kitty Dress will probably be my next purchase from her shop.

Stella approves of my purchase.

Before going to the mall, and making the mistake of shopping at Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, or some cheap clothing store, consider the alternative: ETSY! It is FULL of thousands of clothes. And while I know that it will be a lot more expensive than shopping at the mall, the quality is a thousand times better. 

On Etsy, you can talk to the person that actually made what you are buying! You can customize your clothing depending on the buyer. And you are buying from an artist, a designer, not a corperation. That makes it worthwhile for me. I work hard for my money, and I like to be proud of where it goes, and so should you.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to the pool for lunch with some friends visiting from Atlanta. It's a beautiful day and I can't wait to get outside! I get to wear my awesome bathing suit bottoms, that I also bought on Etsy. Post on that coming soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lost in a forest

Covered under the canopy in this little forest, protected from the rain, Rachael and I got out for a little shoot on my last night in Florida. This little piece of land felt like a magical forest. I wish I lived in a place where trees grew like this. I just want to climb them on a sunny day with a good book and hang around in them for hours.

I did not photoshop these photos! Can you believe it? Yes, it really is this green in Florida! It was incredible. I feel like the colors are too saturated to be real life. This plot of land is for sale. I am sure once it sells someday these trees will be torn down to make room for homes and buildings. That makes me sad. It is too beautiful to be destroyed.

Raindrops falling on my head.

Shorts:: floral denim, thrifted, gift from Rachael. Shirt:: Rachael's. 
Boots:: Aldo. Belt:: thrifted

Sometimes, I wish I didn't have to have a job or a permanent home. I wish I could spend all day just wandering around, soaking up all the beauty there is in this world. Cheesy, yes, but I'm serious. Don't you ever feel so overwhelmed by nature you never want to return to a real life. I feel like I am constantly surrounded by consumers, money-hungry people, materialism, and those that only work for money. Everyday I think of how lucky I am that I am happy with my job and my life. My modest little life with my cats and sewing and the love of my friends and family. That is all I need.

Photos by Rachael. Thanks, Rach.