Thursday, July 21, 2011

Florida Recap!

What a blast I had last weekend in Florida! Here are some photos to recap my trip, ENJOY!

Jonathan was kind enough to drive the whole way there, while I slept in the back seat for the first 4 hours. I was super grumpy waking up at 5 A.M., no coffee, not having had 8 hours of sleep. Such a good friend tolerating my poor moods. When I woke up, I snapped this high speed photo. Then I jumped in the front seat and we car danced to Robyn's new album, Body Talk Part 1.
So excited to have crossed the border into Florida! Woo-hoo!
AHHH! One hour until we reached Pensacola to see my sister. I hadn't seen her in almost two months, which is wayyyy too long!

The first night out. We went to a nice dinner and got all dressed up. I wore a thrifted black linen dress, vintage shoes, and a little black bow in my hair. Very classic. And of course, I can't wear a black dress without red lipstick!
My sister and I. Don't mind the iPhone camera picture. I got all the way to Florida before I realized I forgot the memory card for my SLR. Good job, Sally. The dinner celebrated Rachael's 25th birthday, which was the day before we arrived. I laughed and laughed sitting on the bench beside her, catching dudes just stare at her as they walked by, then notice I caught them checking her out. She is so beautiful!
Rachael's friend, Miranda, Jonathan, and Rach. The restaurant, Fish Market, was on a Marina in the downtown area of Pensacola. I got a leek wrapped tuna steak. Mmm! So good!
Night two. Board games and cocktails. I was the thimble, of course. Before we played Monopoly, we played one game of Candy Land. I hadn't played since I was a little girl but we added a nice little adult rule to make it interesting. Pinnacle Cotton Candy vodka, sugar rimmed shot glasses, and every time you drew a card with the color of your game piece, shot time! The cocktail of the evening was Seagram's Iced Tea vodka with raspberry lemonade. So good! Oh yeah. And I won Monopoly. First time ever!
Big George and my sister, Rachael.
Only one year old and 14 lbs. Such a heavy boy.
Day 3, Sunday, we went thrifting. Here are some super creepy cats at the thrift store. I refrained from adding to my collection of cat figurines. These would just be terrifying to see everyday. And no, I'm not crazy, but I do collect cat figurines.
A sewing machine from the 50s I really wanted to buy. Buy Rachael convinced me I did not need it. That doesn't mean I don't want it. It was $35 and would have needed to be serviced if I ever planned on using it. Uh. If only I owned a house and could continue collecting sewing machines, and fabrics, and clothes, and more things. 
Awesome pay phone on our ride back to Georgia. This was somewhere in Alabama. I think near Montgomery. You rarely see pay phones anymore, and never do you see them this amazing and retro! I should have checked to see if it worked!
Creepy kid statues at a shopping center in Columbus, Georgia. We stopped for lunch so Jonathan could meet some of his friends. I wandered around shopping while they ate. I found a cute little boutique, bought a few dresses. I also found a shoe store that sold TOMS, where I bought a yellow corduroy pair for only $30!
Photobooth fun with my iPhone app, Pocketbooth.
And almost home.

I can't wait to go back. And it had better not rain next time!!

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