Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's my sister's birthday! Rachael turns the big 2-5 today! Wow, she's 25. I can't believe how old we're getting. Seems like just yesterday we were little girls playing and pretending to be twins. Then she'd beat me up and laugh. Nothing has changed since then. She's still super bossy, and I'm still a cry baby.
The only time I was taller than her. We are 3 and 4 here I think. I'm a year and a half older, and this was the only time I was taller than her. I think we became the same height when I was 5 or so.
We are perfectly opposite but completely the same. Those of you with sisters understand exactly what I mean. We've been opposites since infancy. She was born on the hottest day of the year, me, the worst blizzard of the year. She was a screaming angry baby; I never cried and just sat there smiling. She is obstinate and demanding; I'm a easy going and sensitive. She is blonde; I'm brunette. 
She is conventional, normal, me, not so much. She is in the military, I am self-employed. I could go on for hours. But we have our own language and get each other like no one else on this planet. I guess that comes from having bunk beds and sharing a room our entire lives and until I moved out after high school.
Matching again in our 20s. In Muskegon, June 2008.
In Michigan, July 2010.
We love photo booths.
June 2008.

I leave for Pensacola tomorrow morning! I can't wait to see Rachael! I have a huge surprise for her and she's totally going to cry. We always get each other the best presents. When she came for Christmas last year, she had me open all my presents in front of a bunch of our friends. A handful of things were cat related and no one else got it but me and Rachael. They just think we're weird cat ladies. I can't wait for her to see everything I got her, and yes, there are cat things included.


See more of Rachael on my blog here.

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