Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kings of Leon!

Matt and I drove to Atlanta yesterday for the Band of Horses and Kings of Leon show. KOL is Matt's all time favorite band, while I only have a few of their CDs. They're great and we were both really excited to get out of Augusta for the day. Plus, I never get the chance to go to Atlanta. It's always for concerts and I had never been downtown. We left a few hours early so we could walk around the city for a bit. Here are photos from yesterday in Instagram photos.  

Being tourists at CNN headquarters. Too bad we didn't pass by Anderson Cooper. I love him. We took this picture for my dad. And yes, I am wearing shorts, they are just very short and my legs are very long.

After the two and a half hour drive, and walking around downtown, we stopped into a little alley bar, called Sidebar, right by Georgia State University. 4 P.M. means Happy Hour! I would have been walking into my bar to start my shift for the day, oh how I love days off and being a patron instead.

Our family of Guinness at Sidebar. My favorite beer in the entire world, Guinness Draught and the bartender poured it correctly. I get so irritated when it is not poured right! 
And "baby Guinness," Patron XO + Bailey's.

Tailgating in the large field where we parked with a ton of other people. I love how green and overgrown everything looks in the south. But this blanket looking vine you see everywhere is actually really bad for the natural habitat and trees. And the bugs! Ants! EVERYWHERE! Eeep.

This is how we tailgate. Stella and beef jerky. Mmmmm. 
We also had cheetos and Miller High Lifes. Matt came prepared. 

Taking a break from the hot tailgate to soak up some AC in his Wrangler. Thank goodness we took his car, mine does not have AC. It was probably 95 degrees yesterday! SO HOT!

The heat didn't stop us (Matt especially) from being super excited about the show!

 Yay, Band of Horses opened first. No opening-opening band!

 Kings of Leon playing.

It's nice that Matt has a job in radio and he got the tickets for free. And 6th row! Well, we were sixth row behind the pit. But I hate being crammed into standing room and having strangers sweat on me. No pit for me, no thank you. I'll take my seat, sit down my purse, and have room to dance around. 

Hope you are all enjoying your week! I know I am.
Only a few more days until the weekend, yay!

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  1. Sally and Matt-
    So glad to see you two had a great time. Sure there are many more to come. Makes me a little jealous, Im in hopes that one day I'll have some one that makes me as happy as you two. Enjoy the rest of your week, and have a great weekend!

    Wes R