Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitten Shorts

After making shorts this past weekend from a pillowcase, I thought I would do some experimenting with old clothes to make into shorts. I'm working on the simplest pattern for these shorts to share the PDF with readers and beginning seamstresses. The only way to be sure it is perfect is to try it over and over again and see what fabric I can suggest you all to use. 
I went through some old fabric on my shelves and found this funny old nightgown with kittens on it. It was thrifted, costing only $1 somewhere (I've had it for so long I don't remember where I got it). It was going to be a makeup pouch or handbag when I bought it, I remember that. 
Making sure to cut out the right front panel with the kitten in just the right place, I made these funny little shorts to wear around the house. Since the cotton was really loved in it's time as a nightgown, it wasn't exactly the best material for shorts, and these are kinda see through. Also, created the hem on each leg was difficult; I had to be very careful not to stretch the fabric at all. Since the fabric is kind of sheer, and when wearing clothes like this, make sure you wear nude underwear. Notice you can see my white tank top showing through almost to my hips; do not wear white underwear! Match them as close as you can to your skin tone!
There wasn't enough fabric for the back side to also be the yellow cotton. I found this contrasting teal striped polyester my sister bought me in Florida. I love stripes! Plus I wanted something that didn't match at all. I love putting fabric together that doesn't match at all but forcing it to work. 
A little known fact about me: I never match! Clothes coming together to create an outfit isn't about matching colors and patterns, it's about creating a look. Making it work. My sisters always teased me for liking ugly things and never matching, but I always pull it off. Example, last week I work striped shoes, floral kulats, and a polka dot tank top, and I looked awesome. 
I really need to do more outfit posts. I hate seeing "style" and "fashion" bloggers matching everything they wear, even matching their outfits to the scenery around them. It's not clever or matching. It's boring. Everyone has eyes, and if you're not color blind, it's not hard to match. Be original. Push the envelope. That's what style is about.
So how ironic, the day I photograph these shorts is also my last day with Margot. I found her a home. While I seriously considered keeping the little darling, it just isn't going to work. It's been almost two weeks with my other two cats and it is still a house divided. It's Clem versus Margot and Stella doesn't know whose side to take. 
In the end, my old ladies come first and their happiness is/should be my first concern. Margot will love her new home where the cats are accepting and not bullies. Clem is the biggest bitch cat in the world and would have always made Margot's life miserable.
I'm going to miss this little lady, but I won't forget her. If I hadn't taken her in, who knows where she would be. She was all alone, no food, no water, no mama. Covered in fleas and infected with worms at only 5 weeks old. She is about 7 weeks now and has already grown so much! I'm happy I saved her and placed her with a family that really wants a cat to love.

I really should have ironed the shirt in these photos. The wrinkles look terrible, ah!

Stay tuned for the pattern for these shorts and the one from yesterday's post. I'm still trying to make it perfect and figure out how to make it a PDF for you all to download. They will be shorts you can make in less than 30 minutes and the most novice of sewers should be able to tackle this.

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  1. i just found you on chictopia and find your blog very interesting and unique. i'm jealous of your seamstress savvy. it's quite the talent that you can see an item for it's potential instead of what it actually is.

  2. brilliant repurposing! i adore the kitten shorts :) well done.