Monday, July 25, 2011

Sorry, Reuben

I went into my sewing room the other day to patch up my friend's shirt, and found this little brat had made it her bed the entire time I was gone in Florida. Thanks a lot, Clementine. Sorry, Reuben. She woke up for a second, but changed her mind and went back to sleep. "Sorry, ma, I'm too tired to move."
I'm definitely going to have to wash this before I give it back to Reuben. I look forward to the day when I move my sewing room out of my house and into an actual office space, because, well, NO CAT HAIR! I'll miss them bothering and nudging me all day, but I can offer a better product to my customers, sans cat hair.
But how can I yell at this sweet thing? My big fat baby Clem. I love her so much.

Happy Monday everyone!

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1 comment:

  1. Clem is too cute for words! I love your cat-lady-ness :) And hopefully your friend won't mind...just show them these adorable photos!!