Friday, July 1, 2011

What I sewed today...

It's been such a busy day. I feel like I have accomplished so much and I haven't even left to "work" at the bar yet. I had a photo shoot today with a local paper. And of course, even though I have more clothes than I can find room for, I had nothing to wear. And I wanted to wear something I had sewn since I'm being featured for my work. 
This skirt was originally 14 inches longer! I absolutely adore the print, and I always wore it around the house; it's so comfy! Since I'm not a fan of the maxi trend and look way too tall when I wear long skirts, it needed some work. This is the simplest thing to do if you have a skirt you never wear because you don't like the length and I encourage you to try it!
I cheated a little with this alteration, and instead of getting out my chalk marker, which measures the distance from the floor, I just measured 13 1/2" up from the bottom hem every few inches. At this point I marked the fabric with a chalk stick. I cut along with marks on the fabric and sewed a rolled hem. This literally took me 10 minutes! It's so easy, ladies, try doing this! And made a world of difference. It's an entirely new skirt, and now I can incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe. I think I paid $1 for it at a thrift store. 
I thought I might as well take some family photos. Clementine and Stella are finally starting to act somewhat civil towards baby Margot. It's been a week now since I rescued the little 6 week-old cat from outside, and my old ladies have been grumpy butts the whole time.
Today, when I was going to give Clem her catnip, I gave it to her on one condition. It was in a bowl one foot away from Margot eating wet food. If Clem, the meaner of my two, wanted her catnip she had to bite the bullet and be around Margot. There wasn't a problem and Clem was loving her nips until I pushed the bowl a few inches from Margot, who was done eating. As soon as Margot smelt the bowl, Clem hissed and left. Baby steps. Next thing I know, I'll come home to a pile of three cats, cuddled up and purring.
Clem didn't want to be held.
This is my Stella for any new readers. She's a tortie, and Clem's sister, very twitchy, and super sweet. She is almost done hissing at Margot and definitely switched from angry to curious. She will come up to me when I'm holding or laying with Margot. This is a big deal for an adult female cat. For those of you that do not have cats. When they are old, they are grumpy and HATE outsiders.
Margot sees Clem. She's still a little uneasy around them because all the knows of my cats is the anger, hissing, hitting, and bossing around. Poor little Margot.
Shame on me for trying to hold Clem and Margot AND take a picture. Clem wasn't having it. Poor Margot just wanted to curl up under my hair. 
And I'm done being a cat lady for the day. 

Do any of you find yourself shortening a lot of thrifted skirts? I'd love to hear about it. I'm also looking for guest bloggers that want to share their repurposing and sewing projects. Email me if you're interested! Have a happy Friday everyone!

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  1. You and that kitten are adorable!

  2. I love shortening skirts too. You did a really great job! The skirt looks so cute now. Cute kitty too!


  3. i shorten skirts all the time!!! i have a bunch of them!!!

  4. You are just too pretty. I'm jealous. :] I love your skirt! I haven't found too many plus size vintage clothing items yet, but when I do I'll probably alter them a bit. i'll let you know how it goes! xx