Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The sewing kit dress

I absolutely LOVE this dress from Red Velvet! The sewing kit dress. I have to have it! I can't wait for it to be released this week in the Red Velvet shop. I know the price will be way out of my range that I've set for myself now that I'm trying to save money, but a little splurge is okay now and then, right?

The fabric is so much fun! Perfect for me since I sew so much. And the collar is different too. I love how the belt in this picture looks like measuring tape. I think this dress will be great to add to my fall wardrobe.

Read more about the dress here.
And if you don't read Elsie's blog already. Add it to your blog roll. 

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cat portrait

Best gift ever! I couldn't believe it when I opened the box I got in the mail last week. My friend, Megan, painted this portrait of Clementine and Stella for me. I almost peed my pants when I opened it! I've always wanted a portrait of my cats, and even better, it's not something I commissioned but something someone made for me. It's going in my bedroom with all my other cat things.

Clem and Stella look so beautiful. Megan wanted it to be fun and silly, like cats in a bowl instead of fruit. My cats probably would lay in a bowl together, they're so strange sometimes. 

Although Megan and I have never met in person, we've been online friends for years. Someday we will be Gypsy ladies sharing a motor home, roaming the country. We will have cats and great adventures. I can't wait!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Shortening a shirt sleeve -- starring Matt

With Matt as a model and wearing a shirt from his closet, I turned the above shirt from a plaid American Eagle long sleeved button up (actually snaps) to a much better looking short sleeved shirt with a permanent cuff. Matt was pleased with the result. This is really easy and a great project for beginners!

Matt came over the Saturday night before we headed to Still Water for a few beers with friends. He wore this plaid shirt that he's had for years. He mentioned he didn't like the fit and that it looked too big on him. Plus he always folded the sleeves to 3/4 length, so I thought it would be better short sleeved. And with a girlfriend that sews, this was a quick fix for sure.

You will need:
  • shirt
  • scissors
  • seam gauge
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine
  • iron and ironing board
The night we went out I just took it in an inch on each side seam but waited to shorten the sleeves until this week. Don't forget, when taking in side seams on shirts like this, rip out a 5 inch section of the bottom hem on the shirt, take it in, cut excess fabric, then sew the hem. It creates a much cleaner finish!


Cut off sleeve. I cut about 8" from the bottom of the armpit. Since I'm sewing a permanent cuff, you want extra fabric. Mark where you want the sleeve to end and cut about 4 inches below that. Remember you can always cut off more fabric if it's too long but you can't add that fabric back once it's gone!

Zeus got a new toy with the sleeve tied into a knot. I was sure to cut off the snaps since he shreds everything and isn't too bright sometimes. Didn't want him ingesting metal snaps on my watch. I'd be a bad dogsitter if I let that happen!


Iron a 3/4 fold at the raw edge, folding it inward.

Fold in three more inches and press again.

This is confusing to word but I'll do my best. Take the outermost pressed edge and fold it on the outside of the sleeve with 1 1/4" overhang. There will still be extra fabric on the inside of the sleeve. This is what the machine will grab and so that the sleeve will have some stability and weight.


Sew about 3/4" from the edge of the sleeve. Because the sleeve tapers as if gets closer to the hand and you are folding this fabric up higher, you will have to gather the fabric a bit at the base of the sleeve. I like to gather the fabric at the seam on the backside of the shirt so it isn't visible.

Such a handsome shirt, huh? 


And a handsome man in his new shirt. This button up is much better for Georgia with it's new sleeve length. And Matt is pleased. This is so easy and it's incredible how much of a difference is makes shortening something like a sleeve or taking it in just an inch or two. 

Ladies, get your boyfriend to be your dressform / model and try altering some of his shirts! It's so much fun and a great way to get him interested in sewing as well. And a great project to do as a couple. Well, he'd probably just watch, but still. 

Questions? Comments!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clothing Swap

While going through my clothes to take to Goodwill last month, I had an epiphany to host a clothing swap. Why get rid of everything and make specific piles for a few friends when I could just have them all come over with their unwanted clothes and everyone swap?! 

So that is what I did. I created a Facebook event and invited about 80 girls in Augusta. The percentage of people that actually show up is always less than 25%, so I invited way more than I knew would come. Some were close friends, some were acquaintances, and some I'd only met once or twice. It was great to get to know them outside of the bar and downtown scene. It was also great for them to get to know each other. 

Here is Ashley's daughter, helping with the sorting process. I set up three four foot tables, used my clothing rack, cutting table, and ironing board for clothes. My sewing room was the perfect space to hold all the clothes. Everyone was in charge of sorting their own clothes upon arrival. Then onward to wine and appetizers at the other end of my apartment.

Carly found some artichoke dip I had made and munched on veggies with hummus. I was sure to get red and white wine to cover anyone who had a particular taste for one or the other. General house wine works. Since I didn't want to spend a ton of money on the event I just bought some Franzia boxed wine, which has always been a huge no-no for me, boxed wine seems super tacky to me. But surprisingly, Franzia isn't half bad! I hate spending $15 on a bottle of "good wine" and then hating it because it's too dry or oaky. I think I'm buying Franzia from now on. The price is nice too, $11 for a box!

The room after about half of the clothes were sorted.

The tables were divided into shirt with sleeves, tanks, short, long shorts, skirts, sweaters, and hanging on the clothing rack were dresses and dress shirts. All jeans hung on the railing in my hallway.

And the swapping commenced! Brittney, Carly, Sarah, Sarah, Grace, Allyssa, Ashley, Lori, and myself. We each had a bag on our shoulder, I put on some Belle and Sebastian, and we picked through everything for about an hour. I was hoping to not keep too much but I couldn't help myself! There were so many great finds! AND EVERYTHING WAS FREE!

Allyssa finding "new" pants.

Ashley discovered my awesome batwing blue top. I loved this shirt and bought it about 6 years ago but only wore it once or twice. It's great to know that all your unwanted clothes can find new life in friends. We all joked about going out for cocktails in a week or so only wearing clothes we got in the swap and seeing who is wearing what. 

Even Sarah's five year old daughter, Maura, found something in the leftovers. Can you tell I taught her how to pose for the camera? She's such a ham.

We all had so much fun! I can't wait to host another one in a few months. I think it'll be a quarterly thing. It was so easy and just required a clean apartment, refreshments and finger food. Also, a large room for swapping. I simply moving around a few things made my sewing room the perfect location. Folding tables and labels are a must. 

Ideas for the next swap... A drawing for someone to get to pick five pieces of clothing before everyone else starts swapping. A kids section for parents. More accessories! Break out the punch bowl and make sangria, who doesn't loves fruit in their wine?!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Photos from Paddlefest this weekend. It's a 5 mile race down the Savannah River with over 200 racers that ended at the Riverkeeper's boathouse. Anyone from professional kayakers to friends that built their own raft raced down the river. This year was the first time they had vendors and we were pleased they invited us to attend. Sarah and I shared a booth again, and braved the heat.

My side. I wasn't going to bring my lingerie but last minute decided to. Good thing, because that was pretty much all I sold. The turnout was very small but it's nice to show face in the community and meet fans and customers. Selling online, you never SEE who buys your goods, and this is why I love doing shows! I get to chat with them and meet them.

Ohmigod, it was so hot! Sarah and I struggled to stay cool. Hats helped. It's hard to move at more than a snails pace during these summer months because it is so hot and sweaty in Georgia! I understand now, being a northerner, why we think of southern people sitting around all summer on porches drinking lemonade (it's actually sweet tea ha) because no matter what you do, you're overheating! I don't know how people survived here before air conditioning!! It's still in the high eighties at night here.

Sarah with the sun in her eyes.

A lookout I'm going to use for a photo shoot soon. It looks like so much fun! I didn't climb up there because a family was enjoying the view and I needed to get back to my booth. But I think this is so beautiful! A great way to look over the river. I'll go here for an outfit post perhaps. Or maybe wander over here with Matt and have a picnic.

It was nice that the field where we set up was right on the river, past the Riverwalk downtown. It was nice that this is only a few blocks from my house. Augusta may be drab and boring sometimes, but the river is amazing and I need to get out on it! I really want to invest in some watercrafts, a canoe or kayak. 

And these look like so much fun! Stand up paddle surfboards I think they are called.  

Matt stopped by with Zeus. It was so hot but Zeus had a good time checking out everything. They match with their Auburn gear. So cute. Guess where Matt went to college.

Check out that tongue! And they match.

I spy a dog. He totally crawled out from under here and scared an unsuspecting customer. You think you're looking at jewelry and then a giant Great Dane/Lab crawls out from under a table, I'd probably pee my pants if I didn't know Zeus.

Thirsty boy. His nose is too big to really drink from this, but he was determined.

I missed out on taking pictures of the racers since they came in on the other side of the boat house, but I was able to catch these guys. They were the last ones to pull in. I believe they made their raft, and it took them about five hours to paddle from start to finish! We joked about doing it next year and constructing a raft, I bet it's a blast and a great workout.

Sarah's newest creation: garlands for little girls. The ribbons and beads are so fun, it almost makes me wish I had a cute little thing to buy it for. And sadly, it's not cat sized. Haha.

Happy Monday everyone. I'm cleaning up from last night's clothing swap I hosted with a group of friends, so I will share the pictures later this week. Also, this week on my blog, I'll be taking a men's plaid shirt from long to short sleeved, with Matt as my model, and also some outfit posts. Best new things I gained from the swap and pointers on hosting your own. I'd really like to get outside for some photos if this weather cooperates! Cool down Georgia!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My weirdo

I always find my cat in the strangest of places. Here Clementine is on top of the coffee table, about four feet off the ground. It's up on it's side since I'm giving it to my boyfriend after getting new furniture for my living room. She has a good view of the entire apartment from here. 

Clem was hungry and waiting for breakfast. She's in the perfect spot since this is right by my bedroom door. Such a patient cat. She was watching my feet, "Breakfast time? Breakfast time?", to see if I was headed to the kitchen. I took one more stop towards her feeding area and she jumped down meowing up a storm, "FEED ME! FEED ME!" I love how they act like they haven't eaten in days when it's wet food time in the morning.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My week so far through the eyes of Instagram...

Clementine found a funny new spot to sleep, between the table that holds my record player and all the records. She's so strange sometimes.

Isn't it funny how cats always lay on what you need. I rearranged my bedroom and living room on Sunday. I put the couch and chair from my living room in my bedroom, so there's a cute little sitting area. The cats would not get off my night stand for the life of them. I can't yell at those pretty faces.

Cat figurines on my mantle in my bedroom. Enough said.

The super cute vintage picture frame I finally put a picture in. Matt and I from the Kings of Leon concert a few weeks ago. Isn't this frame so adorable?! I have had it for the longest time but never put a picture in it. And it's an instagram picture. Instagram within an Instagram, haha.

The cotton candy pink walls in my living room are now "delicate gold". The pink didn't match my new furniture and I couldn't stand the clash. Blog post soon on my new living room. It's so pretty, I can't wait to show you all!

My weird cat, Stella, never sits with me, just close to me. She loves the new love seat in my living room. Stella sat behind me all yesterday morning as I watched Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and ate ice cream for breakfast.

I caught her sleeping. She's so sweet. 

Clementine on my new (vintage) recliner. Striking a pose for the camera. She was actually cleaning herself and irritated for the interuption. Silly Clementine is always getting fussy about something.

Loving the new loveseat. Probably enthralled with the smells of it since it sat in the consignment shop around the corner for months. Febreeze doesn't trick these girls.

Pretty finger nails I painted at Sephora yesterday. I had a makeover done to help a friend that manages the store. Each employee has to be certified to put makeup on customers so my face was a practice model face while a consultant that was flown in judged the overall application. I got bored and painted my nails while waiting to start.

Afterwards. The red lipstick was a little much since I was wearing plain jeans and a white tshirt. I do love red lipstick in the evening. Especially with my dark hair and the right outfit. The red wasn't very approapriate for my 4 P.M. happy hour shift at the bar. I wiped it off and went with my petal pink Clinique lipstick.

I hope you are all having a great week! We're halfway through it. I have a fitting this afternoon and then hitting the river with Matt. It's too nice of a day to work at the bar, so I took the day off. It's going to be 94 and sunny. Perfect river conditions!