Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My cats hate baths

I saw a flea on Clementine the other day, probably from when little Margot was rescued. Naturally, both Clem and Stella needed flea baths. Any of you cat owners feel my pain. Cats hate baths. They were not happy! I had to snap a few pictures because Clem has the best "I hate you" look.
SOOO angry!
Poor little Stella was shivering because she was so scared. I wrapped her up like a little baby and talked to her for about 15 minutes. Sometimes I like Stella after she gets a bath because it's the only time she wants to be held and not waiting for her chance to escape. She clings to me like a child, and it's really sweet.
Poor Clem. Hopefully they are without fleas now. I hate having to deal with grumpy cats. Luckily, with the heat and humidity of the south, they were completely dry in less than an hour. And happy as clams!

My secret to a less frightening bath for cats: Fill the tub about 5 inches with warm, warm water. Then, bring in your cat and close the bathroom door. I have found over the years that the sound of running water frightens cats the most. Once you put them in the water and they feel the warmth, they're like, "Hey, this isn't so bad. It's so warm. But I'll pretend I'm still super pissed." Then after washing them, use a large cup to rinse them with water, not the faucet. Wrap them in a towel and snuggle time. I think Clem really enjoys baths sometimes. But then I see her face when she's out. Not a happy fat cat afterwards.

EDIT:: I just found out on Facebook, a friend's two year old indoor cat was found dead this morning after using Frontline Plus on her yesterday. I'm was considering calling my vet if the fleas weren't gone so my cats won't need more baths. But with this news I won't even go near that stuff! More flea baths and a flea comb is better than a sick or dead cat. I won't risk it. Read more about the dangers of insecticides here

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