Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My week so far through the eyes of Instagram...

Clementine found a funny new spot to sleep, between the table that holds my record player and all the records. She's so strange sometimes.

Isn't it funny how cats always lay on what you need. I rearranged my bedroom and living room on Sunday. I put the couch and chair from my living room in my bedroom, so there's a cute little sitting area. The cats would not get off my night stand for the life of them. I can't yell at those pretty faces.

Cat figurines on my mantle in my bedroom. Enough said.

The super cute vintage picture frame I finally put a picture in. Matt and I from the Kings of Leon concert a few weeks ago. Isn't this frame so adorable?! I have had it for the longest time but never put a picture in it. And it's an instagram picture. Instagram within an Instagram, haha.

The cotton candy pink walls in my living room are now "delicate gold". The pink didn't match my new furniture and I couldn't stand the clash. Blog post soon on my new living room. It's so pretty, I can't wait to show you all!

My weird cat, Stella, never sits with me, just close to me. She loves the new love seat in my living room. Stella sat behind me all yesterday morning as I watched Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and ate ice cream for breakfast.

I caught her sleeping. She's so sweet. 

Clementine on my new (vintage) recliner. Striking a pose for the camera. She was actually cleaning herself and irritated for the interuption. Silly Clementine is always getting fussy about something.

Loving the new loveseat. Probably enthralled with the smells of it since it sat in the consignment shop around the corner for months. Febreeze doesn't trick these girls.

Pretty finger nails I painted at Sephora yesterday. I had a makeover done to help a friend that manages the store. Each employee has to be certified to put makeup on customers so my face was a practice model face while a consultant that was flown in judged the overall application. I got bored and painted my nails while waiting to start.

Afterwards. The red lipstick was a little much since I was wearing plain jeans and a white tshirt. I do love red lipstick in the evening. Especially with my dark hair and the right outfit. The red wasn't very approapriate for my 4 P.M. happy hour shift at the bar. I wiped it off and went with my petal pink Clinique lipstick.

I hope you are all having a great week! We're halfway through it. I have a fitting this afternoon and then hitting the river with Matt. It's too nice of a day to work at the bar, so I took the day off. It's going to be 94 and sunny. Perfect river conditions!

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