Thursday, August 4, 2011

Natalie Irish // Artist Profile

Now this is art! Watch the video and you will see what I mean! Natalie Irish is unlike any painter I have seen before. She only uses her lips and lipstick to paint! It is incredible.

"I have created artwork since I was a child. When I was in high school I learned about the technique of making portraits with thumbprints. In 2001, I was putting on makeup to go out one night and see a band. I blotted my lips on a bit of tissue and got the idea of using lips in the same way as the thumbprints, in the spirit of pointillism. Marilyn Monroe was of course the perfect candidate."

What kind of lipstick does Natalie use? "I have used many different brands, the most recent portrait of Jimi Hendrix was painted with Urban Decay 'Confession'."

Natalie Irish sells limited edition, signed, and numbered prints on her website. You can also email her directly for original commissions ( If I ever have a portrait done of myself, I'd want her to do it! Or even a wedding portrait. Wouldn't it be so romantic to have it done with lips and lipstick!?

A painting done using only ink and fingerprints, another interesting technique she uses.

Natalie is also a fellow cat lady. "My cats and the dog are our children. They are also my toughest critics, not easily impressed. When I'm not painting, I'm talking to the cats."

Words of wisdom to artists out there from Natalie: 
"Aspiring artists: You are in complete control over what kind of exposure your art gets. Take advantage of the internet. Send your portfolio to everyone you can possible think of and never stop working. You can't sit around and wait for someone to 'discover' you, cause it ain't gonna happen. You are in complete control."

I found Natalie website through Craft Magazine on Twitter. I immediately emailed her to tell her how awesome she was and asked if she'd answer a few questions for my blog. She politely accepted. I really hope to have a custom piece from her someday.
In the last few weeks, her first YouTube video, on the top of this entry, has gone viral and launched her into the public eye. I can't wait to see what she does next! Read her recent interview with Houston Press here.

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  1. Wonderful interview and such a talented artist!! Although I'm no artist myself, her words of wisdom and determination are inspiring...

    I love the Jimi print!! Thank you for sharing!